EC Chapter 6

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  1. What is the main element that is required for a student with ADHD to qualify for special education?
    the ADHD interfering with academic preformance
  2. in what setting must children with potentianl ADHD present behaviors?
    across all settings
  3. through section 504, even if a student doesn't qualify for special education what do they get?
    extra time on tests
  4. What is ADHD often comorbid with?
    • EBD
    • specific learning disabilities
  5. What are two examples of impusivity
    • interupt conversation
    • speaking out of turn and before the teacher finishes the question
  6. What are a few good reasons why students with ADHD have academic problems?
    • they have difficulty studying effectively
    • they tend to be disorganized
    • they tend to be forgetful
    • they take poor notes
  7. name two confirmed causes of ADHD?
    • low birth weight because of smoking, alcohol, or drugs
    • lack of clood flow to the prefrontal cortex
  8. What category is ADHD involved in through IDEA?
    other health impairments
  9. ADHD is described as an inability to..?
    • focus attention
    • control behavior
  10. what gender is more common to have ADHD?
  11. How many Americans are diagnosed with ADHD?
  12. What are the three main characterstics of a student with ADHD?
    • inattention
    • hyperactivity
    • impulsivity
  13. What testing can be done to determine ADHD?
    there is no clear- cut diagnosis
  14. 3 home helps for students with ADHD?
    • post a schedule on the frig
    • discard out of date materials
    • put things in the same place
  15. 3 school helps for studetns with ADHD?
    • post a schedule on their desk
    • reward good and disciple bad
    • discard dated materials
  16. What does ADHD stand for?
    attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  17. ADHD orginially had a different name, what was it?
    Strauss Syndrome
  18. How many students with ADHD receive special education under the EBD category?
  19. inability to pay attention or focus?
  20. impaired ability to sit or concentrate for long periods of time
  21. impaired ability to control one's behavior?
  22. What do ADHD students need most in their education?
  23. Why is the percentage of students with ADHD such a mixed up number?
    because they only label students by their primary disability
  24. What is one reason why ADHD is higher in America than in other countries?
    most other countries require both significant inattention and hyperactivity while we only require one
  25. How many students with ADHD use medication?
    about 2 million
  26. What are the two reasons that teachers hesistate to diagnos early?
    • fear of misidentifying a child who may just be experiencing developmental lags or immiturity
    • characteristics of ADHD are common in children of that age
  27. What characteristics of ADHD must be there for it to qualify for special education?
    • characteristics must be significant
    • must cross settings
    • must be documented
    • must have existed before age 7
    • must seriously affect educational preformance
  28. over 50% improvement in academic tasks had been achieved by involving who in the instructional process?
  29. What is another term for self-management strategies?
    self-regulation strategies
  30. What are the 4 categories of self-management strategies?
    • self-monitoring
    • self-instruction
    • self-reinforcement
    • goal setting
  31. includes many techniques that the individual uses, individuallyor in combination, to modify her or his own behavior or academic performance
    self-management or self-regulation strategies
  32. keeping a record of one's own performance
  33. self-induced statements to assist in self-regulation
    self-instruction or self-talk
  34. determining desired behavior and the criteria that will mark its attainment
    goal setting
  35. awarding self-selected reinforcers or rewards to oneself contingent on meeting self-selected criteria
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