EC Chapter 8

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  1. people with mental retardation should experience life's challenges and adventures and should not be overprotected
    dignity of risk
  2. the collection of conceptual, social, and practical skills that people learn in order to function in everyday life
    adaptice behaviors
  3. What is the most common inherited form of mental retardation?
    Fragile X syndrome
  4. How many times more likely is it that African American males will be identified as having a mental disability?
    3 times
  5. What is one cause of mental retardation that is 100% preventable?
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
  6. what is one cause of mental retardation that can be avoided by immunization?
  7. What are the three major components of mental retardation?
    • lack of ability in:
    • adaptive behavior
    • cognitive functioning
    • needs for support
  8. What is the prevelance of mental retardation?
    1% of all schoolchildren from 6 to 17
  9. what are the three major causes of mental retardation?
    • genetics and heredity
    • toxins in the environment
    • child abuse and neglect
  10. What are 3 examples of hereditary mental retardation?
    • fragile X
    • Down syndrome
    • PKU- Phenylketonuria
  11. What are some toxins that could cause mental retardation?
    • lead
    • alcohol
  12. What are the four levels of mental retardation?
    • mild
    • moderate
    • severe
    • profound
  13. What can mental retardation sometimes be compounded with?
  14. What is mental retardation also known as?
    cognitive or intellectual disabilities
  15. the concept that people with mental retardation should have avaliable to them "patterns of life and conditions of everyday living which are as close as possible to normal"
  16. a practice based on teh premise that people with mental retardation should experience life's challenges and adventures but not be overprotected
    dignity of risk
  17. if you are using a standardized test, what must be the score to qualify as mental retarded?
    two standard deviations from the mean
  18. the network of friends, family members, and coworkers, along with social servive and governmental agencies, that help us manage daily life
    system of supports
  19. What do half of the people with fragile X syndrome have other than mental retardation?
  20. What are the four different kinds of supports that are applied under needs for supports?
    • natural supports
    • nonpaid supports
    • generic supports
    • specialized supports
  21. What is the precidence for mental retardation in America?
  22. what are the cognitive abilities of people with mental retardation compared with their peers?
    below those of 97%
  23. What are the three categories of time in which mental retardation occurs?
    • prenatal
    • perinatal
    • postnatal
  24. a chromosomal disorder wherein the individual has too few or too many choromosomes?
    Down Syndrome
  25. occurs when a person is unable to metabolize phenylalanine, which builds up in the body to toxic levels that damage the brain
    Phenylketonuria (PKU)
  26. What is the most common know cause of mental retardation?
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  27. What does FAE stand for?
    Fetal Alcohol Effects
  28. What are two new ways that people are being assessed for mental retardation?
    • portfolios
    • Curriculum based measurements (CBM)
  29. a curriculum made up of skills needed for daily living
    functional curriculum
  30. the decision making, choosing of preferences, and self-advocacy needed for independent living
  31. a person's satisfaction with life, which includes a sense of contentment that resulrs in part from feelings of dignity, value, worth, and respect
    quality of life
  32. a government service that provides training, counseling, and job placement services
    vocational rehabilitation
  33. assists individuals who could not otherwise hold a competitive job by helping them lovate a job, learn the skills needed to be successfull in that position, and keep the job
    supported employment
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