formation of Austria and Prussia

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  1. Austria Empire
    Habsburg Empire
  2. Describe the rise of Hasburg Empire
    when Ottoman decline. by 1718 Austria reconquered all of Hungary, Transylvania and Serbia. It also held land in Netherland and Italy.
  3. Describe the empress Maria Theresa and her son Joseph II
    "enlightened absolutism". centralizing the administration in Vienna, increasing taxation, creating a professional standing army, and tighten their control over the church, relaxing censorship and instituing a new, more liberal criminal code.
  4. How Frederick William obtained East Prussia?
    By helping Poland in war against Sweden.
  5. Who earn the title King of Prussia
    Frederick I
  6. who take Silesia from Austria?
    Federick II the Great, 1740
  7. describe Federick II the Great
    "enlightened absolute". prohibit the judicial torture, abolished bribing judges, establish a system of elementary schools, encourage religious toleration.
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