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  1. What is justice for Aristotle?
    Each person is given his or her proper due. Basic goods are there to ensure that they have access to human flourishing.
  2. What is the life of happiness for the ancients?
    virtues to live our human lives; how we order ourselves to our telos (human nature), to realize our end is to fulfull the fullness of humanity. Human nature is reasonal and social by nature, ordered to the truth, seeks perfection.
  3. Aquinas believes that we are what kind of creatures from the start?f
    fallen creatures because of sin, grace helps us over come it. Aquinas systematically puts faith and reason together.
  4. What is the function of a polis?
    To make man realize their nature as excellent, to realize their proper function
  5. How does the Greeks and Machiavelli differ in human nature, end standard, virtue, and fortune?
    Machiavelli believed that man was wicked; he lowers the standard, believing that end is something that can be accomplished; he believes that virtue is the capacity to acquire power whereas the greeks thought virtue as the perfection of power. Machiavelli thought that you could control your destiny whereas greeks thought fortune was the gift of the gods
  6. How does Machiavelli differ with the Greeks in the definition of prudential wisdom?
    Machiavelli believes that prudential wisdom is the ability to know whn to be good and when to be bad, whereas Greeks used prudential wisdom to choose rightly (mean between excess and deficiency)
  7. How does the definition of spoudaios differ for Machiavelli and Aristotle?
    We need spoudaios to learn from for Aristotle, whereas the successful tyrannt is the spoudaios for Machiavelli
  8. Describe Ceasar Borgia and Agathocles.
    Ceasar was just vicious enought; died when his father died, who was the Pope, did not anticipate future problems. Agathocles was too vicious
  9. What is the principle foundation of power for Machiavelli and Aristotle?
    just and upright man for A. Good laws and strong military for M. (control people just enough and good army)
  10. How does a prince avoid being hated?
    Don't take away another's man's property or honor, better to be feared than loved
  11. How should the Prince act in respect to religion?
    Appear to be religious.
  12. What is cruelty the ordering of?
    The ordering of what it means to be vicious and when you should not be vicious.
  13. What is the foremost important in The Prince? what is the good and evil.
    happiness is absolute power. Good is what will help you hold power. Evil is what makes you lose power. Necessary to compromise with evil.
  14. What is the principle source of political order?
    cruelty, tyranny or evil
  15. Why is M called a realist?
    Evil is more significant, more politically important than good.
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