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  1. Gevrey Chambertin, Nuits St Georges, Pommard
    Tannic, Earthy, Firm, with good aging potential
  2. Chambole Musigny, Vosne-Romanee, Santenay, Volnay
    Delicate, Fruity, Elegant structure
  3. Audoin Les Longeroies Marsannay 2006
    Fruity Style- distinct raspberry, woody, leafy, brambly that is Massanay region
  4. Marsannay Region Characteristics
    Raspberry, woody, leafy, brambly
  5. Esmonin Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru 2004
    • Funky, grape, mushroom, touch of mold, needs decanting
    • Style not for everyone, great value
  6. Pierre Bouree Gevrey Chambertin cazetiers 1er Cru 1976
    Don't sell
  7. Dujac gevrey-chambertin aux combottes 1er cru 2007
    • Dujacs are classic wines for those who know, great producer
    • Complex, charm, character, need age.
    • Combottes is firmer and more tannic, denser fruit of plum and spicy cherry
  8. Dujac vosne-romanee aux Malconsorts 1er cru 2007
    • Adjacant to La Tache which is most renown vineyards who sells wines for thousands. So great value
    • Elegant, complex, silky
  9. Comte George de Vogue Chambolle-musigny 1er cru 1997
    • Classic producer
    • Great depth, complex, elegant, haunting flavors
    • Cherry with floral elements
    • Still can age for a while
  10. Roux Pere et Fils Hospices de beaune clos de la roche grand cru 1996
    Earth style, lots of funk and forest bed aromas, stewed fruit and a touch of cassis
  11. Groffier Chambolle-Musigny les sentiers 1er cru 2007
    • Groffier makes excellent chambolles
    • Lots of fruit, elegance, finesse, cerebral style, cherry and spice
  12. Groffier chambolle-musigny les amoureuses 1er cru 2003
    Amoureuses is considered the top notch vineyard on the level of grand cru
  13. Domaine du clos frantin clos-de-vougeot grand cru 2005
    • What a wine
    • Plenty of flavors, charm, terroir specific, great vintage
  14. Nicolas pottel exhezeaux grand cru 1999
    Dont sell
  15. Grivot vosne-romanee 2007
    Great burg from a traditional producer, classic earthy style with elegance
  16. Bruno Clavelier vosne-romanee aux brulees 1er cru 2007
    • Much like Gambal but more complexity
    • Fresh and assertive
  17. Rouget Wines
    • Cote de Nuits-Villages and Savigny Les Beaune: assertive earthiness, firm, high concentration, muted fruit, funky, dry leaves, mushroom
    • Vosne-Romanee Cros Parantoux 1er Cru: is one of the most acclaimed vineyards and considered a grand cru by some
  18. Ballot-millot volnay taillpeides 1er cru 2008
    Classic volnay with soft silky texture, floral fruity aromatics intermingle
  19. Muzard Santenay Malediere 1er cru 2009
    • Great deal
    • Silky Texture, floral and spiced cherry flavors, elegance and balance
  20. Domaine de L'arlot
    • Biodynamic from nuits-st-georges
    • Great elegance and terroir expressed
    • Blance between fruits and earth
    • Light-medium body
    • Softer and more elegant than other wines from nuits-st-georges which are usually earthier, gritty, and tannic.
    • 1999: Classic Vintage
    • 2002: More fruitier, riper and generous
    • 2005: More forward
    • Vosne Romanee 2006: Les earth and tannins, silkier and softer
  21. Prinz spatburgunder trocken 2008 Rheingau Germany
    • Softer and simpler structure
    • Cherry with a touch of herbs
  22. Celebration beaujolais-villages 2008
    Julien sunnier regnie beaujolais 2009
    • Non-carbonic maceration... more like pinot noir
    • Bright red berry fruit

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Red Burgundy
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