PSAT Vocab-Week 3: Column 1

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  1. Insufficient
    inadequate to any need, use, or purpose
  2. Insular
    pertaining to an island
  3. Integrate
    absorb into the organization
  4. Intercede
    interpose in behalf of
  5. Interdict
    official order prohibiting
  6. Interpolate
    change a text by inserting new material
  7. Interregnum
    interval between reigns of succeeding sovereigns
  8. Intractable
  9. Intransigent
  10. Intravenous
    through a vein
  11. Intrepid
    brave, fearless
  12. Intrinsic
    belonging naturally
  13. Introvert
    a person whose thoughts are directed inward
  14. Inveigh
    attack vehemently with words
  15. Inverse
    in reversed position
  16. Invidious
    likely to arouse resentment
  17. Invocation
    calling on a deity for aid
  18. Ionosphere
    outer layers of earth's atmosphere
  19. Irony
    figure of speech saying the opposite of what is meant
  20. Irreconcilable
    unable to be harmonized
  21. Isobar
    line connecting points on a weather map having identical barometric pressures
  22. Isotopes
    chemical elements differing in atomic weight but having the same atomic number
  23. Isthmus
    narrow land strip bordered by water
  24. Iterate
  25. Itinerant
    traveling on a circuit
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