PSAT Vocab-Week 3: Column 2

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  1. Jaded
    wearied, sated with overuse
  2. Jargon
    confusing, unintelligible talk, usually a specialized language used by experts
  3. Jaundice
    a sour mental state in which judgement is distorted
  4. Jeremiad
    a long and angry complaint
  5. Jettison
    cast overboard
  6. Jingo
    advocate of warlike foreign policy
  7. Jocose
    humorous, joking
  8. Jodhpurs
    riding pants
  9. Jollity
    noisy mirth, gaiety, merriment
  10. Judicious
  11. Julienne
    a cooking term meaning cut into thin strips
  12. Juridical
    pertaining to judicial proceedings
  13. Justify
    prove by evidence, verify, absolve
  14. Juxtaposition
    a placing close together
  15. Kaleidoscope
    toy or optical instrument containing bits of colored glass that form patterns through the use of mirrors
  16. Kinetic
    of or caused by motion
  17. Kiosk
    a small structure open on one side
  18. Kith
    friends, now used only in expression kith and kin
  19. Knead
    mix, squeeze, and press with the hands
  20. Kraal
    South African native village, usually surrounded by stockade
  21. Lacerate
    tear tissue roughly
  22. Laconic
    terse, pithy
  23. Lament
    bewail, mourn for
  24. Landed
    having an estate in land
  25. Languid

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