The nose

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  1. Roof of nasal cavity (ant, mid, pos)
    • Anteriorly: nasal bones
    • Middle: cribiform plate of ethmoid
    • Posterior: inferior surface of body of sphenoid
  2. Floor of nasal cavity (ant, pos)
    • Anterior: palatine processes of maxillae
    • Posterior: Horizontal plates of palatine bones
  3. Lateral wall of nasal cavity
    Maxilla, three conchae
  4. Conchae from...?
    • Anterior and middle: ethmoid
    • Inferior conch: separate bone
  5. Beneath each concha?
    A meatus into which paranasal sinuses open
  6. Anterior aspect of nose
    Major alar cartilage
  7. Hairy skin of external nose extending into nasal cavity
  8. Blood supply (3 arteries)
    • Mainly sphenopalatine artery from maxillary artery
    • Also labial artery from facial artery
    • And anterior ethmoidal artery from opthalmic artery
  9. Veins from nose
    • Opthalmic
    • Facial
    • Spehnopalatine
  10. Sphenopalatine veins form?
    Pterygoid plexus of veins in infratemporal fossa
  11. Mucous membranes
    Olfactory part (smell): roof and adjacent parts of medial and lateral walls
  12. Epithelia in nose
    • Olfactory: columnar epithelium
    • Respiratory epithelium
    • Vestibule: stratified squamous epithelium
  13. General sensation
    Opthalmic and macillary divisions of trigeminal nerve
  14. Parasympathetic secretomotor supply to mucous glands
    • Postganglionic fibres from pterygopalatine ganglion
    • (Preganglionic fires from petrosal nerve (from facial))
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Structures in the nose, blood supply and nerve supply
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