Paranasal sinuses

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  1. 4 paranasal sinuses:
    • Frontal
    • Maxillary
    • Ethmoidal
    • Sphenoidal
  2. Lined with:
    • ciliated mucous columnar epithelium
    • (ciliary currents directed spirally towards openings)
  3. where does the frontal sinus communicates with nasal cavity?
    opening in anterior end of middle meatus
  4. maxillary sinus drains into?
    middle meatus
  5. Frontal sinus lies?
    above orbit
  6. Ethmoidal sinuses lie?
    Between orbit and nose
  7. Middle ethmoidal air cells where?
    in bulla of ethmoid - prominent bulge on lateral wall of nose
  8. Anterior ethmoidal air cells open into where?
    hiatus semilunaris below bulla
  9. hiatus semilunaris contains?
    openings of frontal and maxillary sinuses, anterior ethmoidal air cells
  10. posterior ethmoidal air cells open into?
    superior meatus
  11. sphenoidal sinus opens into?
    sphenoethmoidal recess: small triangular space just above superior concha
  12. Near to sphenoidal sinus?
    • Pituitary gland superiorly
    • Cavernous sinus laterally
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