The ear

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  1. External auditory meatus lined by
    ceruminous glands: secrete wax
  2. Roof of tympanic cavity
    Plate of bone - separates from middle cranial fossa, meninges, temporal lobe of brain
  3. Floor of tympanic cavity
    Thin plate of bone - separates from jugular fossa and carotid canal
  4. Lateral wall of tympanic cavity
    Tympanic membrane - placed obliquely downwards and medially
  5. Bones in middle ear
    • Malleus
    • Incum
    • Stapes
  6. Base of stapes attached to
    Oval window/fenestra vestibuli
  7. Muscle attached to malleus, and nerve supply
    • Tensor tympani
    • Mandibular nerve
  8. Muscle attached to stapes, and nerve supply
    • Stapedius
    • Facial nerve
  9. Auditory tube leads to? and another name
    • nasopharynx
    • Eustacian tube
  10. Role of auditory tube
    Allows air to enter or escape to equalise pressure
  11. Tympanic cavity communicates with ? posteriorly?
    and via?
    To mastoid antrum, via the aditus
  12. Mastoid antrum related to?
    • Superiorly: temporal lobe
    • Also separated by a thin plate of bone from posterior cranial fossa with cerebellum and sigmoid sinus
  13. Blood supply to middle ear
    • Internal carotid artery
    • Maxillary artery
  14. Middle ear innervated by? which plexus?
    • Glosspharyngeal nerve
    • Tympanic plexus
  15. Nerve running through middle ear?
    Facial nerve, in bony canal
  16. Internal ear consists of? containing?
    • Osseous labyrinth, containing membranous labyrinth
    • Vestibule
    • Semicircular canals
    • Cochlea
  17. In vestibule? responsible for?
    • Utricle, saccule
    • Responsible for static equilibrium
  18. In semicircular canals? responsible for?
    • Semicircular ducts
    • Responsible for dynamic equilibrium
  19. What is the organ of hearing?
    The cochlea duct
  20. Nerve supply to internal ear structures?
    Vestibulocochlear nerve
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