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  1. "blank" is the process of informing the patient about dental imaging procedures.
  2. "blank" is permission granted by a patient after he or she has been informed about the particulars of the procedure.
    informed consent
  3. "blank" means that a person is accountable, or legally responsible.
  4. "blank" ensures that high-quality diagnostics radiographs are produced.
    quality assurance
  5. Specific tests that are used to ensure quality in dental x-ray equipment, supplies, and fil processing are
    quality control test
  6. A "Blank" is used to demonstrate film densities and contrast.
  7. What federal act requires persons who take radiographs to be trained and certified?
    Consumer-Patient Radiation Helath and Safety Act
  8. What type of Agreement is most desirable before radiographs of a patient are taken?
    written consent
  9. Under state laws, who is allowed to prescribe dental images?
  10. Who legally owns a patients dental images?
    the dentist
  11. A way to enusre that high-quality diagnostic radiographs are produced is by having:
    quality assurance
  12. What are quality control tests?
    specific tests that are used to monitor dental x-ray equipment, supplies, and film processing
  13. When should you check a box of film for freshness?
    each time you open a new box
  14. Should you use a film cassette that has scratches?
  15. Which of the following is a critical area in a quality control program?
  16. What is the purpose of the coin test?
    to check the safelight
  17. How often should processing solutions be replenished?
  18. Why are a reference radiograph and a stepwedge used?
    to check the densities and contrast
  19. How can you tell when the fixer is losing its strenght?
    FIlms take longer to clear
  20. WHat is the purpose of a quality administration program?
    it deals with management of the quality assurance program
  21. Which staff member need to be aware of the quality administration program?
    • dentist
    • dental assistant
    • dental hygienist
  22. What surfaces must be covered with a barrier?
    any surfaces that are not easily cleaned and disinfected
  23. What precautions should NOT be taken when one is handling contaminated phosphor storage plates (PSPs)?
    soaking the plates in a liquid sterilant
  24. What is the minimum personal protectiv equipment the operator should wear while exposing radiographs?
    hair cover
  25. How do you sterilize sensors?
    You cannot sterilize sensors
  26. (T/F)After exposure, each mount should be labeled with the patients name and date
  27. (T/F) Disinfecting solutions may cause damage to the electrical connections of radiographic equipment.
  28. (T/F) A properly functioning view box is NOT necessary for the interpretation of dental radiographs.
  29. (T/F) The dental film packet should be sterilized after wiping the saliva off of it.
  30. (T/F) FIlm-holding instruments and bite-blocks that are placed in the patients mouth are considered semicritical items and must be sterilized of high-level disinfected before reuse.
  31. Dental radiographs are owned by the
  32. Which of the following are sources of disease transmission during dental radiography?
    • film packets
    • control panel
    • dental chair controls
  33. The American Academy of Dental Radiography recommends annual tests for dental radiograph machines designed to identify minor malfunctions, including:
    • variations in radiation output
    • inadequate collimation
    • tubehead drifting
    • inaccurate kilovoltage and milliampeage readings
  34. How can you determine if a film is fresh?
    process the film using fresh chemicals
  35. Dental radiograph equipment that should receive a protective barrier includes:
    x-ray machine
  36. An image on a radiograph that is not an actual structure but is caused by the technique is
  37. Recording mediumfor an image, normally film or a sensor
    image receptor
  38. Reusable film-sized flexible plate coated with phosphor as the image receptor.
    Phosphor storage plate (PSP)- requires less radiation exposure than film
  39. Instrument used to hold the film, phosphor storage plate (PSP), or digital sensor in the proper position during exposure.
    Positioning device or film-holder
  40. An illuminated boxlike device used to view radiographs.
    view box
  41. What are the three major categories of legal considerations regarding the use of images in dentistry?
    • 1. federal and state regulations regarding x-ray equipment and its use
    • 2. licensure for individuals who expose dental images
    • 3. risk management for avoiding potential lawsuits
  42. All dental x-ray machines manufacture or sold in the US after "blank" must meet federal regulations.
  43. Most states have laws that require isnpection of dental x-ray equipment on a regular basis, such as every
    5 years.
  44. WHat are some key areas of risk management?
    • patient consent
    • patient records
    • liability issues
    • patient education
  45. With what must the patient be provided with in lay terms before giving informed consent?
    • risk and benefits of imaging procedures
    • person who will be exposing the images
    • number and type of images taken
    • consequences of not having the images
    • alternative diagnostic aids that may provide the same info as dental images
    • =disclosure
  46. WHo is legally responsible or liable for the actions of dental auxiliary personnel?
    dentist= known as the respondeat superior doctrine employer is responsible for employee actions
  47. WHat must documentation of all imaging include?
    • informed consent
    • number and type of images
    • rationale for requiring images
    • diagnostic interpretation
  48. Who recommends a number of annual tests for dental x-ray machines?
    American Academy of Dental Radiology
  49. When NOT in use, how should you leave the tubehead and extension arm?
    in a closed position
  50. What is the quality control test for dental film?
    Test each new box for freshness
  51. WHat is the quality control test for dental x-ray machine?
    calibrate equipment regularly
  52. what is the quality control test for cassettes and phosphor storage plates (PSP)?
    clean and examine for scratches
  53. what is the quality control test for safelighting?
    check for light-tightness
  54. WHat is the quality control test for automatic processor?
    follow manufacturers recommendations meticulously regarding maintenance
  55. what is the quality control test for manual processor?
    replenish daily and change every 3 to 4 weeks
  56. what is meant by quality assurance?
    is a way of ensuring that everything possible is being done to produce high-quality diagnostic images,
  57. WHat should a view box emit when functioning properly?
    uniform and subdued light
  58. How often should the darkroom be cheked for light leaks?
    every 6 months
  59. WHat is the most critical component in the quality control of film processing?
    processing solutions
  60. How often should processing solutions be replaced?
    every 3 to 4 weeks
  61. How do you know when a developer loses strenght?
    • time-temperature is no longer accurate
    • compare film densities against standard
    • using a reference radiograph or stepwedge radiograph
  62. when reference radiographs is used what does it mean when daily radiographs appear lighter?
    developer solution is either weak or cold
  63. when reference radiographs is used what does it mean when daily radiographs appear darker?
    developer solution is eithertoo concentrated or too warm
  64. How long does it take for a film to clear when the fixer is at full strenght?
    2 minutes
  65. "blank" has recognized dental radiology as a potential source of crosscontamination and has provided recommendations for dental radiology.
    Centers for DIsease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  66. what surfaces should be disinfected?
    • x-ray machine- tubehead, PID, control panel, exposure button
    • Lead apron
    • Dental chair
    • work area- where films, PSP or sensors are placed
  67. when should the packages that contain positioning instruments be opened?
    until the patient is seated and can view the opening of the package
  68. what personal protective equipment should the operator wear while exposing radiographs?
    • gloves
    • protective clothing
    • mask
    • eyewear
  69. what type of gloves should be worn while one is disinfecting the radiography operatory?
    chemical- resistant utility gloves
  70. what precautions must be taken when films are transported to the darkroom?
    • never touch disposable container with gloved hands
    • wash and dry hands
    • dismissed patient
    • cleaned and disinfected area
    • carry container w/ contaminated films to darkroom

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