Science Final Ch. 29

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  1. What does the nervous system do?
    • Controls and coordinates functions throught he body
    • Responds to internal and external simuli
  2. Impulses
    electical signals
  3. What type of cell transmits impulses?
  4. What are the three different types of neurons?
    Sensory, motor, and internuerons
  5. how are the three different neurons classified?
    the direction in which an impulse travels
  6. Sensory neurons
    carry imulses from the sense organs to the spinal cord and brain
  7. Motor neurons
    carry impulses form the brain and apinal cord the muscles and glands
  8. internuerons
    connect sensory and motor neurons and carry impulses between them
  9. what does the cell body contain?
    the nucleus and much of the cytoplasm
  10. axon
    the long fiber that carries impulses away from the cell body(part of a neuron)
  11. Where does teh axon end?
    axon terminals
  12. What is a myelin sheath?
    helps the impulse travel faster by making gaps that make impulses go faster
  13. When does an impulse begin?
    when a neruon is stimulated by another neuron or by the environment
  14. Synapse
    loacation at which a neuron can transer an impulse to another cell
  15. What separates thea xon terminal from the dendrites of the adjacent cell?
    the synaptic cleft
  16. Neurotransmitters
    chemicals used by a neuron to transmit an impulse across a synapse to another cell
  17. What are the two major divisions in the human nervous system?
    • Central nervous system
    • Peripheral nervous system
  18. What does teh central nervous system do?
    • Relays messages
    • Processes information
    • Analyzes information
  19. What does the CNS consist of?
    Brain and spinal cord
  20. What is the spinal cord the main communcation between?
    the brain and the rest of the body
  21. What does the peripheral nervous system contain?
    all of the nerves and associated cells that are not a part of the brain and the spinal cord
  22. Wat does the sensory division fo the PNS do?
    transmits impulses from the sense organs to the central nervous system
  23. what does the motor divison of the PNS do?
    transmits impulses from the CNS to the muscle glands
  24. What is the motor division divided into?
    Somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system
  25. What does the autonomic nervouls system do?
    regulates involuntary activities
  26. What does the somatic nervous system do?
    regulates activitites that are under conscious control
  27. What does the cerebrum do?
    It controls unvoluntary movement and the ability to learn and memory. It is the biggest part of the brain.
  28. What does the cerebellum do?
    It is the 2nd largest region of the brain and it controls movement and balance.
  29. What does the medulla oblongata do?
    It is responsible for blood pressure, breathing, and swallowing.
  30. What does the Hypothalamus control?
    It controls hunger, thirst, fatigue, anger, and body temperature.
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