Science Final Ch. 30

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  1. What does the circulatory system do?
    transports blod and other materials
  2. What do nutrients and oxygen do?
    work together to supply cells with that
  3. what does the ciculatory system consist of?
    heart, blood vessels, and blood
  4. What is on the top left and top right section of the heart?
    • Top left-O2 rich blood
    • Top right-O2 poor blood
  5. What is on the bottom left and right section of the heart?
    • Bottom left-O2 rich blood
    • Bottom right-O2 poor blood
  6. Septum
    divides the right and left side of the heart
  7. Where does the right ventricle go?
  8. where does the left ventricle go?
  9. what is the main job of the septum?
    prevents oxygen poor and oxygen rich blood from mixing
  10. How many chambers does the heart have?
  11. What is the name of the upper chamber?
  12. what is the name of the lower chamber?
  13. what do the ventricles do?
    pumps blood out
  14. what do the atria do?
    receives blood
  15. What pathway circulates blood between the heart and the lungs?
    pulmonary circulations
  16. what pathway circulates blood between the heart and the rest of teh body?
    systematic circulation
  17. What three types of blood vessels flow through the circulatory system?
    arteries, veins, and capillaries
  18. list the three important things about arteries
    • large vessels that carry blood from the heart to the tissues
    • almost always carry O2 rich blood
    • have thick walls
  19. list the four important things about capillaries
    • smallest of the blood vessels
    • walls are only one cell thick
    • bring nutrients and oxygen to the tissues
    • absorb carbon dioxide and other waste products form nutrients and oxygen
  20. What are two important things about veins?
    • 1. blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart
    • 2. have thin walls because there's not as much pressure
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