Science Final Ch. 32

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  1. What does every cell produce?
    metabolic waste
  2. what is excretion?
    the process by which wastes are eliminated
  3. what do the kidneys do?
    • remove waste products from the blood
    • maintain homeostasis
    • regulate the water content of the blood
  4. what does the skin excrete?
    water and salt in the form of sweat
  5. what do the lungs excrete?
    carbon dioxide
  6. where are the kidneys located?
    either side of the spinal column near the lower back
  7. ureter
    a tube that leaves each kidney that carries the urine to the urinary bladder
  8. urinary bladder
    a saclike organ where urine is stored before being excreted
  9. after the blood is filtered in the kidney where does it go?
    goes throught he renal vein and reutrns to circlation
  10. what are nephrons?
    the functional units of the kindey
  11. what are the two processes invlolved in blood purification?
    filtratation and reabosorbtion
  12. what is filtration?
    passing a liquid or a gas through a filter to remove wastes
  13. what i reabsorption?
    liquid is taken back into a vessel slower
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