Science Final Ch. 8-9

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  1. the equation for photosynthesis
    carbon dioxide + water = glucose + oxygen
  2. equation for cellular respiration
    oxygen + glucose = carbon dioxide + water + energy
  3. where is the final stage of cellular respiration carried out?
  4. what is cellular respiration?
    the process that releases energy by breaking down glucose and other molecules te presence of oxygen
  5. ATP
    • used b all types of cells as the main energy source
    • three phosphate groups
    • starts as ADP
  6. ADP
    has two phosphate groupd
  7. how do photosynthesis and cellular respiration work together?
    • Photosyntheis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and celluar respiration puts it back
    • Photosynthesis releases oxygen into the atmosphere and cellular respiration uses that oxygen to realase energy from the food
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