Science Final Ch. eco

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  1. Ecology
    the scientific study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment surroundings
  2. what does the biospere contain?
    land, water, and air/atmosphere
  3. species
    groupd of organisms so silimar to one another that they can breed and produce fertile offspring
  4. autotrophs
    organisms that make their own food
  5. what else are autotrophs called?
  6. heterotrophs
    organisms that rely on other organisms for their energy and food supply
  7. what else are heterotrophs called?
  8. Carnivores
    eat animals
  9. herbivores
    eat plants
  10. omnivores
    eat plants and animals
  11. detritivores
    feed on plant and animal remains and othe dead
  12. decomposers
    break down organic matter
  13. food chain
    a series of steps in which organisms transfer energy by eating and being eaten
  14. food web
    a feeding relationship in an ecosystem that forms a network of complex interactions
  15. trophic level
    each step in a food chaing or food web
  16. who is first in the trophic levels?
  17. who is second, third, or higher in the trophic levels?
  18. evaporation
    when water changes from a liquid form to an atmospheric gas
  19. transpiration
    when water enters the atmosphere by evaporating from the leaves of plants
  20. precipitation
    water vapor condenses into tiny droplets that form clouds and returns to Earth's surface in the form of precipitiation
  21. energy pyramid
    show the amount of energy availabel at each level
  22. biomass pyramid
    show the amount of living tissue at each level
  23. pyramid of number
    show the number of organisms at each level
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