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  1. eslabón
    • 1. Link of a chain, chain links (cadena). (m)
    • 2. Steel for striking fire with a flint. (m)
    • 3. Steel for sharpening knives. (m)
    • 4. A very poisonous scorpion. (m)
  2. pedernal
    1. flint
  3. yesca
    • 1. tinder
    • 1. Spunk, tinder (materia inflamada). (f)
    • 2. Fuel (pábulo), incentive or aliment of passion. (f)
    • 3. Flint and tinder for making a light. (f)noun, plural
    • 4. anything excessively dry or combustible.
  4. superchería
    • 1. fraud, hoax (engaño)
    • 2. superstition (superstición)
  5. estallar
    1. to explode (explotar) (bomba); to burst (neumático); to erupt (volcán); to shatter (cristal); to break, to crash (olas)si sigo comiendo voy a estallar -> if I eat any more I'll burst 2. to break out (sonar) (ovación); to crack (látigo)3. to break out (guerra, epidemia); to break (tormenta)ha estallado un nuevo escándalo de corrupción -> a new corruption scandal has erupted 4. to blow up, to blow one's top (expresarse bruscamente)se metieron tanto conmigo que al final estallé -> they went on at me so much I eventually blew up o blew my top estallar en sollozos -> to burst into tears estallar en una carcajada -> to burst out laughing ¡voy a estallar de nervios! -> I'm so nervous!
  6. invectiva
    1. Invective, harsh censure. (f)
  7. fecundidad
    • 1. fertility (fertilidad)
    • 2. productiveness (productividad)
  8. pesquisa
    1. investigation, inquiry
  9. dilucidar
    1. To elucidate, to explain.
  10. comulgar
    • 1. to take communion (religion)2. (estar de acuerdo)comulgar con algo -> to share something
    • 1. To administer the holy Eucharist.verb neuter2. To communicate or to receive the sacrament. (n)
  11. aferrar
    • transitive verb1. to grab (hold of) aferrarse
    • pronomial verb1. (también figurative)aferrarse a algo -> to cling to something
  12. merodear
    • 1. to snoop, to prowl (por about)
    • 1. To pillage, to maraud. (n)
  13. atravesado, -a
    adjective1. Squint-eyed, looking obliquely.2. Oblique.3. Cross-grained, perverse, troublesome.4. Mongrel, of a mixed or cross breed.5. Lying across.Hay un árbol atravesado -> There is a tree lying across
  14. cortaplumas
    1. penknife
  15. chancear
    1. To jest, to joke.
  16. irreflexivo, -a
    • 1. rash
    • 1. Inconsiderate, indiscreet, unreflecting.
  17. alentar
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to encourage (animar)alentarse
    • pronomial verb1. to recover, to get better (recuperarse) (Andes, Mexican Spanish, Venezuelan Spanish)
  18. rodar
    1. to roll (deslizar)2. to travel, to go (circular)rodaban a más de 180 km/h -> they were doing more than 180 km/h 3. to turn (girar)4. to tumble (caer)(por down) rodó escaleras abajo -> he tumbled down the stairs 5. to go around (ir de un lado a otro)ha rodado por todo el mundo -> he's been all over the world 6. to shoot (Cine)¡silencio, se rueda! -> we're rolling! transitive verb7. to shoot (Cine)8. to run in (automóvil)
  19. mancar
    1. To maim (mutilar), to render useless an arm or hand.2. To disable a man for business.3. (Cono Sur) Mancar el tiro, to miss.verb neuter4. To fail; to blow it (fracasar). (Andes) (n)
  20. ensartar
    1. to string (perlas)2. to gore (atravesar) (torero); to plunge, to bury (puñal)ensartó las verduras en pinchos -> he threaded the vegetables on skewers
  21. precipitar
    transitive verb1. to throw o hurl down (arrojar)2. to hasten, to speed up (acelerar)3. to precipitate (chemistry)precipitarse pronomial verb1. to plunge (down) (caer)2. to speed up (acelerarse) (acontecimientos)3. to rush (apresurarse)(hacia towards) 4. to act rashly (obrar irreflexivamente)
  22. talud
    1. bank, slope talud continental -> continental slope
  23. retroceder
    1. to go back (moverse); to back down (ante obstáculo)tuvo que retroceder para salir del garaje -> he had to back out of the garage la lluvia de piedras obligó a retroceder a la policía -> the shower of stones forced the police to move back retrocedió dos puestos en la clasificación -> he dropped o fell two places in the table no retrocederé ante nada -> there's no stopping me now
  24. tornar
    ransitive verb1. (convertir)tornar algo en algo -> to turn something into something 2. to return (devolver)intransitive verb3. to return (regresar)4. (volver a hacer)tornar a hacer algo -> to do something again tornarse pronomial verb1. (volverse)to become 2. (convertirse)tornarse en -> to turn into
  25. despecho
    1. spite (rencor, venganza); bitterness (desengaño)(hacer algo) por despecho -> (to do something) out of spite a despecho de -> in spite of, despite
  26. pillo, -a
    • adjective
    • 1. mischievous (travieso)2. crafty (astuto)
    • masculine or feminine noun
    • 3. rascal (pícaro)4. crafty person (astuto)
  27. largar
    1. To loosen, to slacken (aflojar).2. To let go (soltar), to set at liberty.3. To loosen a sail, to ease a rope. (Nautical)4. To give, to fetch, to deal (vivir).5. Nos largó ese rollo de.6. To throw, to hurl (lanzar). (Andes)7. To hand over (entregar). (Andes)¡Vaya rollo -> what a bore
  28. encarar
    • transitive verb
    • 1. to confront, to face up to (hacer frente a)2. to bring face to face (poner frente a frente)encararse
    • pronomial verb1. (enfrentarse)encararse a o con -> to stand up to
  29. apacible
    • 1. mild, gentle (temperamento, trato); pleasant (lugar, ambiente)
    • 1. Affable, meek, gentle, inoffensive.2. Placid, still, quiet.3. Pleasant, calm.Tiempo apacible -> (Naut.) moderate weatherSemblante apacible -> a serene countenanceSitio apacible -> a pleasant place moderate.
  30. infranqueable
    adjective1. impassable (río, abismo); insurmountable (problema, dificultad)
  31. víspera
    noun1. Evening before the day in question; the last evening before a festival. (f)2. Fore-runner, prelude. (f)3. Immediate nearness or succession. (f)noun, plural4. vesper, one of the parts into which the Romans divided the day.5. Vespers, the evening service.En vísperas de -> at the eve ofVísperas Sicilianas -> Sicilian vespers: a threat of general punishment
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