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  1. Who were flappers?
    Young women who drank, smoked, partied, wore "revealing" clothes, and danced. They were considered wild, immature, and immoral, often looked down upon by the public.
  2. When was the Winnepeg general strike, and what was it?
    May-June 1919, it was a strike of workers in The One Big Union looking for better wages and conditions.
  3. What did the government do about the Winnepeg General Strike?
    Sent in war veterans, and milita to control the strikers.

    Arrested and deported foreigners.
  4. What were the negative effects of residential schools?
    • - Aboriginal children were abused
    • - Aboriginal culture lost
    • - Next generation of abused children
  5. What was the significance of the Winnepeg general strike?
    The Winnepeg general strike gave the workers more of a voice and showed the government that they cannot continue to ignore the injustice in factories.
  6. When was the personnes case?
  7. What happened in the personnes case?
    The famous 5 asked the supreme court if women were considered "Personnnes" and if they could run for senate and the supreme court said "no" so they went to the British Privy council who said women were personnes.
  8. What was the significance of the Personnes Case?
    It gave women more independance and equality. It became possible for women to hold a place of leadership in the government.
  9. Who were the group of 7?
    A group of artists who painted impressionalist paintings and created a whole new style of Canadian art. The organizer was Tom Thomson. Emily Carr also followed their style.
  10. Who was Fredrick Banting?
    A doctor who discovered insulin in 1921 and won the Nobel prize for medicine.
  11. Who were the famous 5?
    5 womens' rights activists who gave women the right to be personnes. They were Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Nellie Mclung, Henrietta Edwards, and Louise Mkinney.
  12. Who was Agnus Mcphail?
    The first female member of Parliment.
  13. Who was Mary Pickford?
    "America's sweetheart" actress, established many charities, the first woman to make over $1 million.
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