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  1. What were the causes of the Great Depression?
    • -Dependance on natural resources
    • - Optimism for the Future
    • - Dependance on credit
    • -Overproduction
    • - High Tariffs
    • - Low standard of living
    • - Drought
  2. When was Black Tuesday?
    Oct 29 1929, the stock market collapsed, prices for shares decreased dramatically.
  3. How many people were unemployed?
    1 in 4
  4. What was the significance of The Great Depression?
    The Great Depression was very significant because it affected the lives of all Canadians and was a very tough time for out country. It affected how we deal with money today.
  5. What were relief camps and why were they created?
    They were working camps for young unemployed men that provided low pay and board. They were created to stop the young men from going communist.
  6. Who was Mackenzie King and how did he deal with the Depression?
    Mackenzie King was prime minister of Canada for part of the depression but was not elected because of his "5 cent speech" his plan to solve the depression was to do nothing and the economy would fix itself.
  7. Who was R. B. Bennet and how deal with the Depression?
    Conservative Prime minister during the great depression. He donated a lot of money but it was less than the lowest job pay.
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