English Final-True Diary

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  1. Billionaire Ted
    He is one of the whitep people who collects indian art. He shows up to Grandma Spirits funeral with a powwow outfit that he claims belonged to her before him. In reality it did not.
  2. Mr. P
    He is the math teach that works on the reservation that Junior attends. Junior throws a math book at him. Mr. P comes to talk to him and tells him he needs to get away from the reservation in order to find out, because nobody on the reservation had any hope.
  3. Mary Runs Away
    Mary is Juniors older sister who lives in the basement of her parents house. She loves to read and write romance novels, but hides it from everyone. When Junior leaves, she is inspired and leaves the reservation to Montana where she marries a Flathead indian. She dies in an accidental trailer fire, and this completely devastates Junior.
  4. Rowdy
    Rowdy is very tough. He is Juniors best friend in the beginning of the book and always sticks up for him. Though, when he learns Junior is switching schools off the reservation he becomes very angry and becmes Juniors arch nemesis. At the end of the novel they play basketball together and it is assumed they become friends again.
  5. Penelope
    Penelope is the beautiful, blond-haired, white girl who is perfect in Juniors eyes. He falls for her and although she rejects him at first they end up having a relationship. It is revealed that Penelope isn't perfect after all and has bolemia.
  6. Grandmother Spirit
    Grandma Spirit is kind, patient, giving, and very inspiring. Junior looks up to her a great deal and she helps him through many things, so when she is killed by a drunk driver it is no suprise that Junior is completley devastated. Her last words are to ask the man who hit her to be forgiven.
  7. Oscar
    Juniors best canine friend. The family is to poor to provide veternarian care, so Juniors father shoots Oscar.
  8. Where does Junior grow up?
    Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, WA.
  9. What obstacles do Nataive Americans face?
    • 1. They are often poor
    • 2. Bad education
    • 3. Treated with dissrespect
    • 4. Racism
    • 5. No hope
  10. What assumptions/expectations does Junior have about Reardan?
    Junior thinks he won't be able to survive at Reardon because it is full of white people and the curriculum is much more difficult than he is used to.
  11. Initially, who does Junior fight at Reardon? What prompts this altercation?
    Junior fights Roger because he calls him stereotypical Indian names.
  12. What obstacles does Junior face while at Reardan?
    • 1. Racism
    • 2. Teachers treating him poorly
    • 3. Finding friends
    • 4. Harder curriculum
  13. What is Junior's favorite sport? How does this sport simultaneously forge unity and stimulate conflict?
    Junior's favorite sport is basketball. This forms unity by bringing him close to his team, and bringing him close with Rowdy at the end of the book. It causes problems because Rowdy also plays basketball and while they are enemies they have to play against each other.
  14. How does Junior cope with his dissabilities?
    He draws cartoons.
  15. Gordy
    He is Reardan's high school genius. Him and Junior become friends because they are both outcasts, and he introduces Junior to the world of knowledge and books.
  16. Mr. and Mrs. Spirit
    Juniors parents. They are alcoholics but have good intentions, and encourage Junior to follow his dreams.
  17. Coach
    Reardon's basketball coach is always quick to give Junior words of encouragement.
  18. Eugene
    Juniors father's best friend who gives Junior rides to school on his motor cycle often. He is shot at a 7-11in a drunken argument about who gets to drink the last of the booze.
  19. Junior or Arnold Spirit
    Junior is a boy stuck at a reservation and ends up going to a white school outside of the resrevation. All the kids hate him for that, including his best friend Rowdy. Arnold is hydrocephalic, which means he was born with water on the brain. He loves to draw cartoons, is a part-time indian, and is the only one on the reservation who has hope.
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