French Revolution 1789

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  1. Three Estates in French society?
    First estate comprised all the clergy.

    Second, the nobility.

    Third, everyone else.
  2. Estate General 1789
    King Louis XVI convene the Estate General 1789 to propose tax on nobility but fail.
  3. "What is the third estate?"
    Everything. Abbe Sieyes penned a pamphlet
  4. Bastille revolt
    1st revolt. an ancient castile where gun and ammunition is store.
  5. "Great Fear"
    Second revolt. Afraid of counter revolution popular uprise in the rural. The rural administration of France had collapse.
  6. "October day of 1789"
    third popular uprising. because of the economic crisis, Parisian women marched to Versailles demanding for the king to return to Paris.
  7. National Assembly, the Declaration of the Rights of Man August 1789
    rights of property, security, and "resistance to oppression.", freedom of speech, religious toleration and liberty of the press.
  8. The National Assembly and the church.
    confiscate all church lands.

    Civil Constitution of the Clergy, bring the church under the state authority.
  9. The First Republic
    • Louis XVI tried to escape France with Marie Antoinette to Austria was captured.
    • By August 1792 Austria and Prussia armies had crossed the frontier and threatened to capture Paris
  10. Jacobins
    The new leader of the third estate
  11. September Massacre
    Fear of prisonners in Paris were plotting to aid the enemy. They were hauled from their cells and killed
  12. the Reign of Terror.
    Constitution was suspended indefinitely by wartime emergency. Committee of Public Safety, 12 leaders.

    The best known leaders were Jean Paul Marat, Georges Jacques Danton, and Maximilien Robespierre.

    It is considered the Second French Revolution.
  13. Directory
    Replaced the Reign of Terror. Directory was more moderate but still face unpopular. Finally it was overthrew by Napoleon 1799
  14. The Napoleonic Code
    Civil code. one uniform law. abolish all special priviledges of all kinds.
  15. Continental System
    Napoleon prohibit european country from trading with England.
  16. Francisco Goya
    Spanish painter, painted the 3rd of May
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French Revolution 1789
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