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Silas Marner 9
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Spanish Vocabulary

Spanish Vocabulary to study from reading Chapter 9 of Silas Marner in Spanish. Silas Marner was a free downloaded from
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  1. crespo, -a
    1. tightly curled, frizzy
  2. traza
    1. appearance, looks (aspecto)2. plan, design (boceto, plano)3. (habilidad)tener buena/mala traza (para algo) -> to be good/no good (at something)
  3. empaque
    • 1. solemnity (seriedad, solemnidad) (de ocasión); presence (de persona)2. packaging (envase) (Mexican Spanish)
    • 2. Air, semblance, look: generally in bad part. (America & Andes) (m) Appearance and aspect of a person, according to which he pleases us, or displeases, at first sight.(Acad.)
  4. burguesía
    1. middle class ; bourgeoisie (history & politics)alta burguesía -> upper middle class; haute bourgeoisie (history & politics)
  5. esfera
    feminine noun1. sphere (figura)esfera celeste -> celestial sphere esfera terrestre -> (terrestrial) globe 2. face (de reloj)3. circle (círculo social)las altas esferas de la política -> high political circles
  6. cotejo
    1. comparison
  7. catarriento
  8. cordura
    • 1. sanity (juicio); sense (sensatez)
    • 1. Prudence, practical wisdom; judgment. (f)Hacer cordura -> To act in a prudent manner
  9. tajada
    1. slice (rodaja)2. share (parte)sacar tajada de algo -> to get something out of something 3. (informal) (borrachera)agarrarse una tajada (como un piano) -> to get plastered o legless (peninsular Spanish)
  10. mancar
    1. To maim (mutilar), to render useless an arm or hand.2. To disable a man for business.3. (Cono Sur) Mancar el tiro, to miss.verb neuter4. To fail; to blow it (fracasar). (Andes) (n)
  11. estropear
    transitive verb1. to break (aparato)2. to ruin (ropa, vista)el exceso de sol estropea la piel -> too much sun is bad for the skin 3. to ruin, to spoil (plan, cosecha)siempre tienes que estropearlo todo -> you always have to ruin everything 4. to age (envejecer)estropearse pronomial verb1. to break down (máquina)se me ha estropeado el despertador -> my alarm clock is broken se ha estropeado el día -> the day has turned out badly 2. to go off, to spoil (comida)3. (persona)se ha estropeado mucho con los años -> he hasn't aged well 4. to fall through (plan)
  12. imprescindible
    1. indispensable, essential
  13. morosidad
    1. defaulting, failure to pay on time (commerce)2. slowness (lentitud)
  14. bribón, -ona
    • masculine or feminine noun
    • 1. scoundrel, rogue
  15. despachar
    1. to dispatch (mercancía)2. to serve (en tienda) (cliente); to sell (entradas, bebidas)¿lo despachan? -> are you being served? 3. to finish off (informal) (terminar) (trabajo, discurso); to polish off (comida)4. (del trabajo)despachar a alguien (de) -> to dismiss o sack somebody (from) 5. to settle (asunto, negocio)6. to check in (facturar) (Am)intransitive verb7. to do business (sobre un asunto)8. to serve (en una tienda)despacharse pronomial verb1. (hablar francamente)despacharse con alguien -> to give somebody a piece of one's mind
  16. ensartar
    1. to string (perlas)2. to gore (atravesar) (torero); to plunge, to bury (puñal)ensartó las verduras en pinchos -> he threaded the vegetables on skewers
  17. traílla
    1. Leash, lash (de perro), a cord or leather thong, by which a dog is led. (f)2. Pack-thread. (f)3. Instrument for levelling ground; a roadscraper. (f)
  18. facilitar
    • 1. to facilitate, to make easy (simplificar) ; to make possible
    • (posibilitar) esta máquina nos facilita mucho la tarea -> this machine makes the job a lot easier (for us)
    • 2. to provide (proporcionar) nos facilitaron toda la información que necesitábamos -> they provided us with all the information we needed
  19. secuela
    1. consequence dejar secuelas a alguien -> to leave somebody suffering from the after-effects
  20. pescuezo
    1. neck retorcer el pescuezo a alguien (informal) -> to wring somebody's neck
  21. efugio
    1. Subterfuge, evasion, shift. (m)
  22. proeza
    1. exploit, deed
  23. ganapán
    • 1. odd-job man
    • 1. A porter (recadero). (m)2. A rude, coarse man (patán). (m)(Acad.) A shiftless fellow, a ne’erdo well.
  24. sanguijuela
    1. leech (también figurative)
  25. suspirar
    1. to sigh (dar suspiros)suspirar de -> to sigh with 2. (desear)suspirar por algo/por hacer algo -> to long for something/to do something
  26. secundar
    1. to support, to back (up) secundar una propuesta -> to second a proposal
  27. morada
    • 1. dwelling
    • 1. Habitation, abode, residence, mansion, lodging, home, continuance (casa). (f)La eterna morada -> the great beyondÚltima morada -> resting place
  28. imprevisto, -a
    • adjective
    • 1. unexpected masculine
    • noun
    • 2. unforeseen circumstance (hecho)salvo imprevistos -> barring accidents imprevistos -> unforeseen expenses (gastos)
  29. coyuntura
    1. moment (situación)la coyuntura económica -> the economic situation 2. joint (articulación)
  30. concernir
    1. to concern en lo que concierne a -> as regards por lo que a mí concierne -> as far as I'm concerned
  31. prever
    transitive verb1. to foresee, to anticipate (anticipar)una reacción que los médicos no habían previsto -> a reaction the doctors hadn't foreseen se prevé una fuerte oposición popular a la ley -> strong popular opposition to the law is anticipated o expected 2. to plan (planear)prevén vender un millón de unidades -> they plan to sell a million units tenía previsto ir al cine esta tarde -> I was planning to go to the cinema this evening 3. to forecast, to predict (predecir) (catástrofe, acontecimiento)intransitive verb also: como era de prever -> as was to be expected

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