Final exam review for pyschology

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  1. Behavior
    must be both measureable and visible
  2. Psychology
    The scientific study of human behavior and mental processes
  3. Mental Processes
    these, which include thoughts, memories and perceotions, cannot be seen or measured
  4. Human Factors Psychology
    these psychologists are involved in industry where they help design the look, shape and feel of things
  5. Associationism
    These, much like deja-vu, remind us of past events and expierences
  6. Forensic Psychology
    These psychologist aid in the selection of police officers
  7. nonconscious
    functions over which you have no control (ex, hair growth)
  8. William James
    Founder of functionalism, believed expierences was a continous stream of consciousness..
  9. Evolutionary Perspective
    adaptive behavior is one of the primary focus of this perspective; influenced by darwins work
  10. Sigmund Freud
    used a couch to relax his patients as they explained their dreams; his method is known as psychoanalysis
  11. Replication
    this step in the scientific process is designed to ensure the experiment can produce the same results and again
  12. Possesion by demons
    during the middle ages, it was believed this was the cause of agitation or confusion
  13. Occipital lobe
    this lobe of the brain, located at the back of the head,is the one most involved with vision
  14. thryoid gland
    this gland, which secretes thyroxin,is primarily invovled in regulating metabolism
  15. Absolute Threshold
    this is the weakest amount of stimulus which can be detected by any of your senses
  16. CAT Scan
    Computer Aid Tomography, this is the method used to study the brains of livinf indivuals
  17. REM Sleep
    this is the period during which the most vivid dreams occur
  18. 1st step of the scientific process
  19. 2nd step of the scientific process
  20. third step of the scientific process
  21. fourth step of the scientific process
    analyze the results
  22. fifth step of the scientific process
    draw conclusions
  23. the two additional steps
    • replicate
    • make new questions
  24. altered state of consciousness
    when a person's sense of self or sense of that world changes
  25. Examples of ASOC
    sleep, biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis
  26. the difference between night terrors and nightmares
    night terrors are different becasue people with NT's heart's race and gasp for air. They may suddenly sit up, talk incoherrently, or thrash about.
  27. what is considered the first psychology experiment?
    it was in the later half of the 600's BC, it was conducted by Psamtik 1, he wanted to prove that egyptian was the mother language of the land
  28. Preconscious
    ides that are not in your awareness, but you can recall them
  29. Unconscious
    this is where stuff is hidden from the conscoius mind
  30. nonconscious
    a level where most of our basic biological functions happen
  31. random sample
    individuals are selected by chance from the target population
  32. stratfied sample
    a sample drawn in such a way that known subgroups within a population are represented in proportion to their numbers in the general population
  33. target population
    the total group to be studied or described and from whom samples may be drawn
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