Chapter 12 (2)

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  1. Describe the spinal meninges.
    • Series of specialized membranes that provide physical stability and shock absorption for the spinal cord.
    • Blood vessels branching within deliver oxygen and nutrients to spinal cord.
    • These ar continuous with the cranial meninges.
  2. What are the three layers of the spinal meninges?
    • Dura mater
    • Arachnoid mater
    • Pia mater
  3. Describe the pia mater.
    • Innermost layer.
    • Meshwork of elastic and collagen fibers.
    • Bound to underlying nervous tissue.
    • Highly vascular.
  4. Describe the Arachnoid mater.
    • Middle meningeal layer.
    • Includes: Simple squamous epithelium, network of collagen and elastin fibers connecting layer to pia mater, and subarachnoid space.
  5. Describe the subarachnoid space.
    Contains cerebrospinal fluid that acts as a shock absorber and diffusion medium.
  6. What is a lumbar puncture?
    It is a spinal tap that withdraws CSF.
  7. Describing the dura mater.
    • Outermost covering.
    • Contains dense collagen fibers oriented longitudinally.
    • Has narrow subdural space seperating from arachnoid mater.
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