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  1. What was the cold war?
    A non-physical war between the USA and the USSR that involved a lot of competition.
  2. When was the cold war?
  3. What was the Iron Curtain?
    The border between democratic and Communist Europe.
  4. What competitions were in the cold war?
    • 1. Space race
    • 2. Technology
    • 3. Arms race
    • 4. Sports
    • 5. Influence on other countries
    • 6. Spying
    • 7. Propoganda
  5. What was the United Nations?
    An international organization formed after WW2 to keep peace through diplomacy.
  6. What was the World summit series?
    1972-Canada won a series of hockey games with the Soviet Union.
  7. What was a problem with the United Nations?
    There was a security council of the most powerful countries who could veto any idea for their own purposes.
  8. When and what was the Suez Crisis?
    1956- Egypt and Russia vs. Britain, France, and Israel, over the Suez canal
  9. How did Lester B. Pearson solve the Suez Crisis and how was he rewarded?
    He organized a UN peacekeeping force to stop the fighting and won the Nobel Peace Prize.
  10. What was the Cuban missile crisis?
    Russia tried to put nuclear warheads in Cuba and USA opposed so Russia broke down.
  11. What and when was the Korean war?
    1950-53 - North Korea and China vs. South Korea and Allies
  12. What was the Gouzenko affair?
    Igor Gouzenko told Canadian government about Russia's spy network.
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