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  1. What and when was the Baby boom?
    The baby boom was in the 1950s after WW2 and everyone had babies at the same time.
  2. When was Canada's centennial?
  3. How was Canada's centennial celebrated?
    Every community got a library, pool, community centre, etc.

    Expo 67: International expedition for the centennial
  4. What did was Trudeau's just society?
    Promoted equality.

    • 1. Decriminalized homosexuality
    • 2. Changed divorce laws
    • 3. Legalized the pill
    • 4. Legalized abortion
  5. What was signifcant about Trudeau's just society?
    It made Canada more equal to women and other minorities.
  6. When was the Constitution repatriated?
  7. What changed about the constitution?
    Canada had control, amendment clause, Charter of Rights with the Notwithstanding clause.
  8. What problems did Trudeau have with the constitution?
    The Gang of 8 was against it at first, that Quebec did not sign it.
  9. What are earlier examples of the USA and Canada working together?
    • NORAD- Defence against Russia
    • NATO - Defence against russia
  10. Why did Canada and the USA want free trade?
    • Canada: Wanted to access USA market
    • USA: Had larger eccomony and owned many Canadian businesses
  11. What is Free Trade?
    Trading between countries with no taxes or tariffs.
  12. What is NAFTA?
    North America Free Trade Agreement
  13. Who was Pierre Trudeau?
    Liberal Prime minister after WW2 who invoked war measures act, repatriated the constitution, created "just society", and created the Charter of Rights.
  14. Who is Tommy Douglas?
    Leader of the NDP and responsible for universal health care after WW2.
  15. Who is John Diefenbaker?
    Conservative Prime minister responsible for Bill of Rights and the cancellation of the AVRO arrow.
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