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  1. Fan and T'sai
    • The balance of a meal
    • Fan: rice, noodles, grains, dumplings
    • T'sai: vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood

    Combines to create a well-balanced meal consisting of the right combination of flavor/texture/color/aroma
  2. Family style dining
    Encouragement of guests to order a variety of dishes and share between all guests at table.

    "thanksgiving style"
  3. Optimal dining experience
    having the ability to suggest great dishes that compliment each other, in order to ensure the guest has the best possible meal outcome.

    • Learn what the guest likes to eat
    • help order for them if necessary
    • suggest complimentary dishes to maintain varitey
  4. Table has allergies
    • - Alert front of house manager
    • - alert expo
    • - alert head chef
  5. Example of spicy dishes
    • - Beef a la sichuan
    • - Spicy ground chicken and eggplant
    • - Hotfish
    • - etc..
  6. example of Medium dishes
    • - Orange peel dishes
    • - Kung pao dishes
    • - vegetable chow fun
    • - etc..
  7. Ex. of mild dishes
    • - Cantonese shrimp or scallops
    • - mongolian beef
    • - lo mein
    • - etc..
  8. Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
    • - In 1974, a group of peasants digging a well uncovered nearly eight thousand life size terra cotta warriors
    • - were buried in battle formation with first Qin(chin) Emperor in 210-209 BC to protect and serve him into immortality
    • - Figures 5 and a half/6 feet tall, and EACH HAS UNIQUE FACE AND EXPRESSION
  9. Pork Dumplings
    • P: Pork (PK)
    • V: green onion, nappa cabbage, ginger
    • S: oyster sauce, pure bean soy sauce, side of potsticker sauce
    • O: sesame oil, sugar, wonton skin

    • - 6 pieces
    • - Steamed or pan fried
    • - Shaped like Crescent
  10. Vegetable Dumplings
    • P: baked tofu
    • V: bamboo shoot, shiitake Mush, cabbage, green onions, ginger, vegetable preserves, carrots
    • S: vegetarian oyster sauce, SIDE of potsticker sauce
    • O: cornstarch, Muchiu wine, wok oil, rice noodles, sesame oil, wonton skins

    • - 6 pieces
    • - vegetarian
    • - steamed or pan fried
    • - shape?
  11. Shrimp dumplings
    • P: shrimp
    • V: carrots, green onions, ginger
    • S: Oyster sauce, side of shrimp dumpling sauce(chili paste, cilantro, ginger, green onions, soy sauce, sugar, water, white vinegar)
    • O: wonton skins

    • - 6pieces
    • - steamed or pan fried
    • - square shaped
  12. Crab wontons
    • P: rock crab meat
    • V: G bell peppers, G onions, R bell peppers, garlic, ginger
    • S: side of spicy plum sauce(plum sauce, hot water, red chili flakes)
    • O: cream cheese, wonton skins, salt, Michiu wine, white pepper

    - 6 pieces
  13. Oil velveted
    • - Cooked in oil
    • - Cubed
  14. Mongolian Beef
    • P: Beef
    • V: G onions, garlic
    • S: Dark sauce
    • O: sesame oil, sugar, wok oil

    • - Traditional mongolian recipe
    • - made with Flank steak
  15. Pepper Steak
    • P: beef
    • V: garlic, R bell pepper, G bell pepper, YELLOW onions
    • S: Dark sauce, white sauce
    • O: chili paste, black peeper, Vege stock, cornstarch, sesame oil, Wok oil
  16. Beef a la Sichuan
    • P: Beef (BF)
    • V: Carrots, Celery, G onions, garlic
    • S: Chang's sauce, Dark sauce
    • O: sesame oil, chili paste, white pepper, wok oil

    • - spicy
    • - Tough texture
  17. Beef with Broccoli
    • P: BF
    • V: broccoli, garlic, ginger, G onion
    • S: Dark sauce, oyster sauce
    • O: cornstarch, sesame oil, sugar, wok oil

  18. Mu Shu Pork
    • P: pork, eggs
    • V: bamboo shoots, Woodear mushrooms, base cabbage mix, G onions
    • S: Dark sauce, hoisen sauce
    • O: sesame oil, white pepper, mu shu pancakes(tortillas)

    • - Wrap for guests
    • - extra mu shu pancakes(tortillas) no charge
  19. Ground chicken & eggplant
    • P: chicken (CK)
    • V: eggplant, Gonions, garlic
    • S: chang's sauce, dark sauce
    • O: Vege stock, chili paste, cornstarch, ses oil, wok oil, white pepp
  20. Dali chicken

    • P: CK
    • V: leeks, potatoes, chili pepp pods, garlic
    • S: Carmello chili sauce
    • O: 50/50 ses seads, ses oil, wok oil

    - caution guests not to eat chili pepp pods
  21. Shrimp with lobster sauce
    • P: shrimp, egg
    • V: G onions, white mush, garlic, water chestnuts, black beans
    • S: White sauce
    • O: Vege stock, cornstarch, ses oil, wok oil

    • - saucy dish
    • - no actual lobster in dish
  22. Dan Dan Noodles
    • P: minced CK
    • V: been sprouts, cucumber, green onions, garlic
    • S: Dark sauce
    • O: egg noodles, chili paste, Vege stock, cornstarch, ses oil, wok oil

    • - Cucumbers and bean sprouts a garnish to help cut spice
    • - Ask guests if we can cut noodles for them
  23. Lo Mein
    • *P: choice of CK, BF, PK, SH, or Veggie
    • V: bean sprouts, Shiitake mush, bok choy, carrots, celery, YELLOW onions, garlic
    • S: dark sauce
    • O: ses oil, egg noodles, wok oil

    • - 2.00 extra for combo dishes; more meat
    • - egg noodles SOFT
    • * Veggie version substitutes veggies
    • - snow peas
    • - broccoli
    • - sweet pepp mix
    • - bean sprouts
    • - shit mush
    • - leeks
  24. Double Pan Fried Noodles
    • *P: choice of CK, BF, PK, SH, or Veggie
    • V: shiit mush, bok choy, carrots, celery, yellow onions, garlic
    • S: dark sauce
    • O: pan fried egg noodles, ses oil, Vege stock, cornstarch, wok oil

    • - 2.00 extra for combo dishes; more meat
    • - egg noodles VERY CRISPY
    • * Veggie version substitutes veggies
    • - snow peas
    • - broccoli
    • - sweet pepp mix
    • - bean sprouts
    • - shit mush
    • - leeks
  25. Garlic Noodles
    • V: Cucumber, green onions, cilantro, garlic
    • S: changs sauce, white sauce
    • Other: egg noodles, chili flakes, ses oil, wok oil

    - cucumbers on side of plate are to cool your pallet
  26. Cantonese Chow Fun
    • P: choice of sliced BF or CK
    • V: G onions, Y onions, white mush, garlic, ginger
    • S: chow fun sauce
    • O: ses oil, chow fun noodles, wok oil

    • - Flat noodles
    • - Distinct GINGER flavor
  27. Singapore Street Noodles
    • P: shrimp, chicken
    • V: base cabbage mix, G onion, shallots, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic
    • S: singapore street noodle sauce(curry)
    • O: rice stick noodles, ses oil, wok oil

    • - Sell similar dishes on the streets of singapore
    • - shallots part of onion family but more of an intense flavor
    • - Recommend to guests that they squeeze lime on noodles to add tartness to dish

    PROFILE: A spicy Curry dish
  28. P.F. Chang's fried rice
    • P: egg and choice of BF, CK, SH, PK or veggie
    • V: carrots, bean sprouts, G onions
    • S: Dark Sauce
    • O: rice, white pepper, wok oil

    • - fried rice is light, and a great compliment to a meal
    • - extra 2.00 charge for combo dishes; more meat
    • - cannot be substituted for steamed rice
  29. P.F. Chang's Vegetarian fried rice
    • S: Vegetarian sauce
    • O: white pepp, wok oil

    Vege sauce = black mushroom soaking liquid, vegetarian oystersauce, soy sauce, mush soy sauce, sugar ses oil, ground bean sauce

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