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  1. Nile River
    • World's longest river
    • Headwaters (start)- (Lake Victoria)
    • Mouth/Delta (end)- Mediterranean Sea, Cairo, Egypt
  2. Madagascar Island
    World's 4th largest island- Also a country
  3. Great East African Rift Valley System
    Region of tectonic activity in east Africa caused by the plates diverging (separating)
  4. Highest Point in Africa
    • Mount Killimanjaro 19,340 ft
    • Kenya/Tanzania border
    • it's a volcano- part of GEARVS
  5. Lowest Point in Africa
    • Djibouti's Lake Assal 571 ft
    • below sea level
    • part of GEARVS
  6. Horst
    Special plateaus formed by the surrounding land diverging (separating)- common in GEARVS
  7. Graben
    Special valley/Depression formed by the surrounding land diverging (seperating): ex- The many lakes in GEARVS
  8. Sahara Desert
    World's largest desert covering 1/3 of Africa- As large as contiguous USA
  9. Loess
    Geographic term for blowing silt or sand- Saharan loess gets blown across the Atlantic to the Americas
  10. Erg
    Geography term for sand dune
  11. Big Daddy
    World's largest erg- 1,100 ft in the Namib desert in Namibia
  12. Largest African City (Population)
    Cairo, Egypt approx 14 million
  13. Largest Country in Africa (Population)
    Nigeria- 8th largest in World approx 155 million
  14. Pharaoh Scorpion I's Tomb
    Hieroglyphics carved into bone fragments discovered and dated to 3300 BC (5300 years old), oldest human writing ever found
  15. Mesopotamia
    • Meso (between) Potamia (river)
    • ancient Iraq between Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq- One of the World's oldest civilizations
  16. Coneiform
    Ancient wriring system of Mesopotamia wedge shapes pressed into clay tablets- oldest sample dates back to 3200 BC (5200 years ago)
  17. Fertile Cresent
    Considered the cradle of World Civilization, includes the river valleys of the Tigris/Euphrates (Mesopotania-Iraq), Jordan (Israel), and the Nile (Egypt)
  18. Meaning of the World's Oldest Writing
    • Receipts for taxes paid to Pharaoh Scorpion I
    • He might have been the first Pharaoh of a unified Egypt
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