connective tissue & bones

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  1. what does cartilage contain?
    cells embedded within a matrix of protein fibers and a gel like substance
  2. what are the functions of cartilage?
    provides support for soft tissues, a sliding surface for bone, and a model for formation of most of the bones of the body
  3. what is hyaline cartilage?
    The most common type, has a distinct, glassy appearance and is widely distributed
  4. what is fibrocartilage?
    thick collagen fibers to help resist compression and tension
  5. what is elastic cartilage?
    numerous highly branched elastic fibers to provide flexibility to structures
  6. what are the growth patterns of cartilage?
    includes both interstitial growth (growth from within preexisting cartilage) and appositional growth (growth around the periphery of cartilage)
  7. bones are organs that contain?
    multiple tissue types, the most abundant being bone connective tissue
  8. what are the functions of bone?
    support and protection, movement, hemopoiesis, and storage of minerals
  9. bones are categorized by?
    shape; long, short, irregular or flat
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