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  1. navarino road
    dalston lane/ graham rd/ (richmond rd) one way up
  2. greenwood road
    dalson lane down to richmond road
  3. fassett square
    graham road
  4. haz restaurant
    cutler street sdol on corner
  5. evergreen square
    celendaine drive
  6. gloucester square
    cester street/ whiston road
  7. the poet restaurnat and pub
    folgate street -can l but not r from norton folgate
  8. travelodge london city hotel
    harrow place
  9. tune hotel e1
    folgate street
  10. chamberlaine hotel
    minories -below india st
  11. indigo hotel
    minories -above india street
  12. square mile restaurant
    minories - above india street
  13. habit wine bar
    crutched friars -sdol, can r india street need be
  14. bonds restaurant
    threadneedle street
  15. heron pub
    norfolk crescent -can l but no r in from sussex gdns
  16. the quadrangle
    norfolk crescent - can l but no r in from sussex gdns
  17. lancaster hall hotel
    craven terrace- sdol (ymca german)
  18. st georges fields
    albion street, off connaught street
  19. edward hotel w2
    spring street sdol below conduit mews
  20. columbia hotel
    lancaster gate -opposite barrie house
  21. royal eagle hotel
    craven road - lol to westbourne terrace NRT tho
  22. prince william hotel
    craven road
  23. sheila's cafe
    craven terrace -sdor
  24. henry 8th hotel
    leinster gardens
  25. notting hill gate library
    pembridge villas
  26. ladbroke square
    kensington park road/ ladbroke grove - l only onto ladbroke grove nrt in
  27. australia road
    blomfontein road
  28. chinese church in london w6
    brook green
  29. defectors weild pub
    uxbridge road- hopgood n mc farline as t/a coming from the east
  30. brook green hotel
    shepherds bush road - barb mews/ bush rd to sdol
  31. queens mansions w6
    brook green - 1st l luxemberg gardens to get down to hammersmith rd
  32. queens head pub w6
    brook green -1st l luxenberg gardens
  33. st. pauls girls school
    brook green - 1st L luxenberg gardens
  34. nazareth house
    hammersmith road
  35. kensington west apartments
    blythe road -sdol in from hammersmith road
  36. barons keep
    gliddon road
  37. british safety council/ national safety centre
    chancellors road - 2 way!
  38. chivas brothers
    chancellors road
  39. premier inn sw6
    gonville street -l/r out onto putney high street
  40. deodar road
    putney bridge road
  41. putney high school
    putney hill
  42. kings keep
    westleigh avenue - off putney hill
  43. exeter house
    putney heath
  44. putney heath
    putney hill/ medfield street/ roehampton high street
  45. telegraph road
    putney heath/ wildcroft road
  46. london scottish golf club
    windmill road
  47. royal marine reserve sw18
    merton road
  48. market towers
    nine elms lane (next to colloseum club) -lol only
  49. st georges wharf apartments
    wandsworth road/ nine elms lane (takes whole block upto wandsworth bridge)
  50. st georges wharf "the tower"
    nine elms lane - can R in from nine elms lane(dedicated slip) lol only into wandsworth road
  51. battersea power station
    cringle street
  52. big issue
    bondway -in via parry street/ out via s. lambeth place
  53. peninsula heights
    albert embankment
  54. charlie chaplin plaque
    methley street
  55. locker room
    cleaver st -sdor as enter in
  56. st wilfreds church
    lorrimore road
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