Extinction and conservation

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  1. Species that find themselves at a selective ________ go extinct?
  2. Species that find themselves at a _______ advantage evolve rapidly to fill the vacant ecological niches?
  3. What is causing the current wave of extinction to run at a leve many times greater than the natural rate?
    Human activities
  4. The fastest mass extinction in Earth's history is largely due to:
    • habitat destruction by humans
    • overhunting of species and overexploitation of natural resources
    • human overpopulation
    • spread of agriculture
    • pollution
  5. Genetic diversity (biodiversity) is important to humans for:
    • food
    • medecines
    • raw materials
    • leisure, cultural and aestetic value
    • supply of alternative alleles in order to improve vigour an disease resistance in domesticated plants
  6. How can we protect genetic diversity?
    • National parks / wildlife reserves
    • Rare breed farm
    • Captive breeding
    • Cell (gene) banks
  7. Which of these are on site?
    National parks and wildlife reserves
  8. Which of these are off site?
    Rare breed farms, captive breeding and cell (gene) banks

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Extinction and conservation
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Extinction conservation biology

Higher Biology - Unit Two - Extinction and conservation
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