Selective Breeding

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  1. What is selective breeding?
    When humans seek to improve plants and animals by selecting and breeding those with desirable traits
  2. Give an example of selective breeding in plants
    Wild cabbage has been selectively bred for 1000's of years for different traits
  3. Why are plants selectively bred?
    • To produce higher yields
    • Increase disease resisitance
  4. Give examples of selective breeding in animals
    • Cows - bred for increased milk yield
    • Sheep - bred for increased wool yield
  5. _________ is when closely related individuals are bred and random mating is prevented?
  6. Inbreeding increases the chances of individuals being _______ _______ for harmful alleles?
    double recessive
  7. What is inbreeding depression?
    The production of biologically and economically inferior organisms
  8. To prevent inbreeding depression, new alleles are introduced to a population by ...?
  9. What is a hybrid?
    An individual resulting from a cross between two genetically dissimilar parents of the same species
  10. What is it called when hybridisation produces more hybrids that are stronger, more fertile or better in some other way than either parent?
  11. Hybridisation re-establishes _________ - poorer recessive alleles are masked by the dominant ones?
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