Ancient Egypt

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  1. cataract
    a waterfall
  2. delta
    an area near a river's mouth where the water deposits fine silt.
  3. silt
    fine, fertile soil deposited by a river.
  4. fertile
    good for growing crops
  5. linen
    a fabric woven fromt he fibers of a flax plant.
  6. scribe
    people whose job was to write a keep records.
  7. hieroglyph
    pictures that stand for different words or sounds.
  8. papyrus
    a paper material made from a reed.
  9. afterlife
    a life believed to follow death
  10. embalm
    preserve a body after death
  11. mummy
    a body that has been dried so it won't decay.
  12. dynasty
    a line of rulers from the same family.
  13. succession
    the order in which members of a royal family inherit a throne.
  14. pharaoh
    The King of Egypt.
  15. pyramid
    a structure shaped like a triangle with foud sides that meet at a point.
  16. step pyramid
    pyramid that has sides that rise in a series of giant steps.
  17. Khufu
    built the largest pyramid ever built - The Great Pyramid
  18. Hatshepsut
    the first woman to rule as pharaoh
  19. oblisk
    a four sided shaft with a pyramid shaped top.
  20. Ramses II
    Reigned as pharaoh for 66 years and expanded the Egyptian empire.

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