PBio Test One

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  1. How many poisonous plants are there?
    About 700
  2. What do plants use chemicals for?
    Defense against insects, communication with animals, defense against larger animals.
  3. Where does a plant's waste go to?
  4. What is the #1 poisonous plant in Athens county?
    Poison ivy
  5. Green foliage. Often tinted red with small white/green flowers and white berries in the fall.
    Poison ivy
  6. A plant that is often mistaken for poison ivy.
    Box elder
  7. How to differentiate between poison ivy and box elder?
    Poison ivy alternates on side of branch. Box elder appears side by side.
  8. How does poison ivy get everywhere?
    Birds enjoy the fruit and spread seeds in droppings.
  9. Two close relatives of poison ivy?
    Poison sumac and poison oak.
  10. Poison ivy, oak, and summac all fall under what classification?
  11. An alcohol with an "oil" long tail within poison oak, ivy, and summac.
  12. Urishiol causes a severe allergic reaction in what percent of people?
    About 50%
  13. How can urishiol be removed, and what window of time do you have?
    Anything that removes oil quickly. Soapy warm water, mud. 20 minutes.
  14. A common poison plant in Ohio. Not American native.
    Poison hemlock
  15. Conium maculatum =
    Poison hemlock
  16. What plant has flowers similar to carrots?
    Poison hemlock
  17. Active ingredient in poison hemlock?
  18. Used to carry out capital punishment in ancient Greece.
    Poison hemlock
  19. What are the two types of central nervous system poisons, and what kind of paralysis do they cause?
    • Sedatives = Flaccid paralysis
    • Stimulants = spastic paralysis
  20. Is poison hemlock a stimulant or a sedative?
    Initially acts as a stimulant, but then causes gradual sedation and death from suffocation.
  21. Heracleum mantegazzianum =
    Giant hogweed
  22. What two things must happen for injury from giant hogweed?
    Sap comes in contact with skin and skin is exposed to sunlight.
  23. What plant can easily lead to blindness if in eyes?
    Giant hogweed
  24. A federal noxious weed
    Giant hogweed
  25. What does it mean to be a federal noxious weed?
    Illegal to sell, grow,and propagate. Officials can enter your land and kill it.
  26. Urtica dioica =
    Stinging nettles
  27. Plant that is either male or female.
    Stinging nettles
  28. What are two other plants that are hermaphoditic?
    Marijuana, hops, holly
  29. Have small glass hairs that break off on contact. Cause a painful sting.
    Stinging nettles
  30. Contains histamine, which triggers all of your allergic reactions.
    Stinging nettles
  31. Plant was brought to Europe by Roman soldiers. Beat themselves for warmth, or stay awake late at night.
    Stinging nettles
  32. Used as a folk remedy for the bloody nose
    Stinging nettles
  33. A plant that, besides being poisonous, is also said to be a spring tonic.
    Stinging nettles
  34. Perennials and require no chemicals to grow a crop.
  35. Physostigma venenosum =
    Ordeal bean
  36. Is physostigma venenosum a sedative or stimulant?
  37. What are most plant poisons classified as chemically?
  38. Alkaloids are:
    Alkaline in reaction, contain nitrogen, have some affect on the human body, and end in "ine"
  39. Is heroine an alkaloid?
  40. Where are arrow poisons common?
  41. What do one tree, two tree, and three tree poisons refer to?
    The number of trees a monkey will jump to before falling.
  42. Generic name for arrow poisons?
  43. If main ingredient in arrow poisons is chondrodendron tomentosum, what is the actual chemical?
  44. What was a powerful relaxation of muscles for surgery, but is not commonly used today because of its potency?
  45. Antidote for lockjaw, tetanus, and spastic cerebral palsy?
  46. What is the poison in Strychnos toxifera?
  47. Is Strychnos toxifera a stimulant or sedative?
  48. Antodote for barbituate poisoning
    Strychnos toxifera
  49. Famous as a poison for mob hits
    Strychnos toxifera
  50. For what poison is there no good antidote for accidental poisoning?
  51. A volatile chemical in plants - what we know as fresh cut grass
  52. Interferes with blood clotting. Animals that eat hay with this may bleed to death.
  53. What is rat poison today based on?
  54. Active ingredient in rat poison. A slow release.
  55. What is required for blood clotting?
    Vitamin K
  56. Ricinus communis =
    Castor Bean
  57. A feared bio weapon.
    ricinus communis
  58. Interferes with ribosomes, whose role it is to make new proteins.
  59. Perhaps the most potent plant poison
  60. What is a purgative?
    A laxative
  61. Castor oil is a....
  62. Regulated under anti-terrorism laws in the US
  63. Do we make castor oil in the US?
    No, too hazardous. We buy it from other countries.
  64. Plant whose seeds are commonly used for rosaries.
    Abrus Precatorius
  65. Rosaries contain what toxin?
  66. What do you give someone who has recently swallowed a poison?
    Syrup of Ipecac
  67. What is the active ingredient in syrup of Ipecac?
  68. An emetic does what?
    Makes you throw up.
  69. A group of chemicals that have in common a sugar molecule attached to something else.
  70. Toxin in seeds of apples and apricots.
  71. What inhibits mitochondria, the energy factories in your body?
  72. A preparation from apricot seeds is...
  73. Two types of glycosides?
    Cyanogenic and cardiac
  74. Coomon shrub in landscapes. Contain 50 toxic chemicals. Two of them speed the heart rate.
  75. What was the first steroid isolated and used medicinally? A miracle drug for asthma, poison ivy, acne.
  76. Requires the urine of 40 oxen to provide enough for one patient.
  77. What was the first source of steroids?
    Arrow poison from Africa
  78. Dioscorea =
    Wild yams
  79. Study of the use of plants in traditional setting
  80. What is isolated in yams?
  81. What did we found cortisone to be in?
    Wild yams.
  82. Most widely used brand name for treatment of menopause.
  83. Various estrogen-like compounds from plants for post-menopausal health.
  84. Added to water, causes fish to float to surface.
  85. Derris elliptica =
  86. Two major uses for rotenone?
    Insecticide and fish management.
  87. What does the "Doctrine of Signatures" state?
    All plants are put here for human benefit. And all plants had on them a sign from God, a clue to how they were to be used.
  88. What were thought to be medinical for the brain?
  89. A plant with red sap in its roots, was recommended for blood disorders.
  90. Mandragora officinarum =
  91. Stimulates male sexual function, and female fertility if feminine shape.
  92. "The fruit that excites love."
  93. Used in Roman orgies, as well as the Bible when Rachel desires a child.
  94. Where do mandrakes grow?
    Europe and the Middle East
  95. Active ingredient in mandrakes?
  96. A pain killer, used for 2,000 years as anesthetic for surgery and childbirth.
  97. Who wrote about the powers of the Mandrake?
  98. Uttered a shriek so terrible, any human would drop dead. Dog was used for the job.
  99. What the association of mandrake with love and lust?
    Like alcohol, it relaxes inhibitions.
  100. Two reasons for historical obsession with aphrodisiacs.
    Arranged marriages and polygamous cultures.
  101. The love chemical in your brain.
    Phenyl ethylamine
  102. Chocolate contains small amounts of...
    phenyl ethylamine
  103. What animal is monogramous, will drink alcohol and can become addicted to it.
    Prairie voles
  104. Common names: Jimsonweed and Thorn Apple
    Datura stramonium
  105. A federal noxious weed, yet you can buy seeds from companies. A hallucinogen.
    Datura stramonium
  106. Used to stupefy for kidnappings, burials. Also used in "Rites of Passage" in American Indian cultures.
    Datura Stramonium
  107. What does it mean to Shang Hai a sailor?
    Drug them and coerce them into being sailors on the ship. When they come to, they can't do anything except be a sailor.
  108. Stops your ability to sweat, dries out mucous membranes, causes increased metabolism. You can die from hyperthermia.
    Datura stramonium
  109. According to this dermatology web site, only some people are born with a sensitivity to poison ivy" True or False?
  110. For more serious cases what drug preparation is usually prescribed? A) Aspirin B) Cortisone C) Prevacid D) Percocet
  111. Can animals other than humans, like cats or dogs, get the poison ivy rash?
  112. When I get poison ivy, I like to use very hot water to eliminate the itching, at least for a while. Does this site recommend that as well?
  113. In the US, how many new patients are added to the list that are using Warfarin each year? A) 500,000 B) 280,000 C) 2 million
  114. Which of these is the most likely drug to cause side effects that require hospitalization? A) warfarin B) aspirin C) digoxin D) androstenedione
  115. This device is intended to evaluate a patients genetic markers to determine how they are likely to respond to the drug, thereby helping doctor's adjust their prescription level. How many markers are evaluated int his test? 1, 2 3 4 5
  116. In December, a woman was executed in Saudi Arabia for practicing witchcraft. Was she a young woman, or older?
  117. Is witchcraft (sorcery) defined as a capital offense in the Saudi Arabian penal code?
    Not specifically
  118. Good Morning America called giant hogweed "The plant from ______"
  119. About Giant Hogweed: The fearsome plant is chiefly recognizable by its impressive ___________ and its clusters of white flowers.
  120. The product Scopace is marketed for treatment of what ailment?
    Motion sickness
  121. Under "usage" are they talking about using this as a tablet or as a patch, for direct absorption through the skin?
  122. The first description of a purified chemical that related to pheromone biology was bomykul, which drove male _______ moth's crazy. A) sphinx B) silkworm C) Indian meal D) bat winged
  123. Preti found that male armpit sweat dabbed on the upper _____ of women stimulates production of ovulation-triggering luteinizing hormone.
  124. Depending on the route of exposure (such as injection), as little as _____ micrograms of ricin could be enough to kill an adult. A) 500 B) 100 C) 1,200
  125. Within a few hours of inhaling significant amounts of ricin, the likely symptoms would be coughing, tightness in the chest, __________ ____________, nausea, and aching muscles.
    difficulty breathing
  126. Scan through this site and be able to tell me what they say about antidotes for ricin poisoning.
    There is no antidote. But medical practices to help breathing and giving fluids that stop swelling are used.
  127. Death from ricin poisoning could take place within _________ hours of exposure. A) 12 to 24 B) 48 to 72 C) 36 to 48 D) 8 to 12
  128. What hormone is involved in bonding, between mother and child, or between two lovers? A) dopamine B) oxytocin C) serotonin D) oxycontin.
  129. This hormone is sometimes called "the ______ hormone",and is released, in part, when we make direct eye contact. Perhaps part of why we find it harder to lie when we look someone in the eye?
  130. This article suggest that the hormone might be useful in treating psychological disorders. Name one.
    Social anxiety
  131. In this article is from spring 2008. Bergendorff was charged with possession of a ______________ toxin.
  132. Was he accused of being involved in making the toxin, or did he buy it from a source?
    Making the toxin
  133. In this brief story about malaria coming into the US with aid workers, where did the 11 infected people get infected?
  134. Artemisin comes from what plant? A) Artericulum pastoralis B) Arthespercula officinalis C) Artemisia annua
  135. Where in the world did the outbreak of ACT resistant malaria parasites develop? A) The Congo B) Cambodia-Thailand C) Costa Rica-Belize
  136. A protozoan parasite that invades blood cells and causes ililness when parasites release from blood cells in swarms
  137. All time #1 human killer
  138. How long does it take to recover from the illness of Malaria?
    The entire cycle takes place in 24 hours.
  139. Mal Aria translates as what?
    Bad Air
  140. What plant was discovered by the Spanish that can treat Malaria?
    Cinchona officinalis
  141. What drug became the treatment of Malaria?
  142. What drink do people take their quinine with?
    Gin and tonic
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