12 Examination Positions

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  1. Anatomical Position
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    • Patients are standing up facing forward w/ arms & standing up, palms forward.
  2. High fowlers Position
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    • Patient sitting w legs down, w/ the body at a 90 angle.
    • Allows examination of head, neck, chest
  3. Supine Position
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    • Lies on back facing up
    • Allows examination of breast & abdomin
  4. Prone Position
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    • Patient lying on stomach w/ head turned to one side.
    • Allows for examination of spine & back
  5. Knee chest Position
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    • Chest & knees arr placed flat against table with knees separated
    • Anus & rectum exam
  6. Sim's Position
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    • Patient is on left side w/ left leg slightly flexed & the right leg sharply flexed upward
  7. Semi-fowlers Position
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    • Patient is resting against back of table
  8. Lithotomy Position
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    • patient sits at end of table and lies back, leg are supported in stirrups and hips are moved to end of table.
  9. Dorsal Recumbent Position
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    • Patient flt on table, places bottom of both feet flat on table.
    • Used for gynocologist exams
  10. Trendelenburg Position
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    • Patient lies on table & the end of the table is rised, so the feet are higher than the head.
    • Used to treat patients with hight blood pressure, trauma, & certain abdominal procedures.
  11. Jack Knife Position
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    • Patient laying on table, head & eet raised
    • Allows for rectal & anal exams.
  12. Procological Position
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    • Patientbents over examination table, lays on stomach
    • Used for rectal/anal exams,
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a patient will be placed in certain positions to assist the physician
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