AP World Ch. 22 Vocab

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  1. Asian Sea Trading Network
    Prior to intervention of Europeans, consisted of three zones: Arab zone based on glass, carpets, and tapestries; India based on cotton textiles; and China based on paper, porcelain, and silks.
  2. Goa
    Portuguese factory or fortified trade town located on western India coast, 16th century ff.; sites for forcible entry into Asian sea trade network
  3. Malacca
    Portuguese factory or fortified trade town located on the tip of the Malayan peninsula; traditionally a center for trade among the southeastern Asian islands
  4. Dutch trading empire
    Based on control of fortified towns and factories, warships on patrol, and monopoly control of limited number of products–particularly spices
  5. Frances Xavier
    Spanish Jesuit missionary; worked in India in 1540s among the outcaste and lower caste groups; made little headway among elites.
  6. Macao
    One of two ports in which Europeans were permitted to trade in China during the Ming dynasty.
  7. Canton
    One of two port cities in which Europeans were permitted to trade in China during the Ming dynasty.
  8. Mattco Ricci
    Along with Adam Schall, Jesuit scholar in court of Ming emperors; skilled scientist; corrected calendars, forged cannons, fixed clocks; won few converts to Christianity
  9. Nobunaga
    Japanese daimyo; first to make extensive use of firearms; in 1573 deposed last of Ashikaga shoguns; unified much of central Honshu under his command; killed in 1582
  10. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    General under Nobunaga; succeeded as leading military power in central Japan; continued efforts to break power of daimyos; constructed a series of alliances that made him military master of Japan in 1590; died in 1598.
  11. Tokugawa Ieyasu
    Vassal of Toyotomi Hideyoshi; succeeded him as most powerful military figure in Japan; granted title of shogun in 1603 and established Tokugawa shogunate; established political unity in Japan
  12. Tokugawa shogunate
    A feudal regime of Japan established by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  13. Edo
    Tokugawa capital city; modern-day Tokyo; center of the Tokugawa shogunate.
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