ENGLISH MIDTERM = anglosaxon

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  1. st. augustine?
    was sent by pope gregory over to christianize england
  2. vernacular?
    common language
  3. wyrd
  4. wergild
    man price
  5. wulgar
    hrothgar's soldier
  6. wiglaf
    the warrior who helped beowulf fight dragon
  7. geatland
    in sweden where beowulf was from
  8. exeter book
    written in latin
  9. commentaries
    written by julius caesar
  10. cain
    evil man who was the monster that fought people
  11. mead
    a hall where people gathered to tell stories
  12. alfred the great
    helped to preserve anglo-saxon culture
  13. anglo-saxon chronicles
    compiled under alfred the great in english
  14. druids
    believed in animism
  15. paulinus
    leader of monks who was religous
  16. pauline precept
    the monks only copied down literature with God in it or they threw it away
  17. 3 major events in britain before 1066 AD?
    • vikings- invaded england from sweden and destroyed everything
    • danes- invaded england and did horrific things to the people
    • iberians- invade from spain and portugal; 1st to invade england
  18. gaels?
  19. picts
  20. britons
  21. iberians
    spain and portugal
  22. discuss the influence of monks on the literature of the day?
    monks made sure that every piece of literature had religion in it, so they would make sure to add it in if it wasnt in the story
  23. Wife's problems? Wanderer's problems? seafarer's problems?
    • wife- she grieves and doesnt want to be alone
    • wanderer- travels the world in search of aid and shelter
    • seafarer- he misses everything that has to do with home
  24. How does bede explain the saxon conversion from paganism to christianity?
    he believes that going from a polytheistic to a monotheistic religion will help them to figure things out like what happens before and after death
  25. alliteration?
    repetition in the beginning of words
  26. assonance?
    repetition of vowels at the end of words
  27. consonance
    repetition of consonents at the end of words
  28. caesura?
    pause in the middle of a line
  29. ligature?
  30. kenning
    fancy metaphor
  31. hrothgar
    king of danes
  32. hrunting
    beowulf's sword
  33. higlac
    king of gaels,beowulf's uncle
  34. hrethel
    beowulf's grandfather
  35. hergar
    hrothgar's brother
  36. healfdene
    hrothgar's dad
  37. herot
    mead hall
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