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  1. test skills and knowledge that you have already gained
    achievment tests
  2. answer a large amount of questions in a small amount of time
    speed tests
  3. gauge the difficulty of a problem
    • power tests
    • (AP tests)
  4. written for a large group to take
    • group tests
    • (sat/psat)
  5. the test items have been piloted on a smiliar population of those who will take it
    standardized tests
  6. established standards of performance
  7. repeatability of consistency of the tests as a means of measurment
  8. test measures what it is supposed to
  9. in IQ the average is:
    2/3 of people score:
    below 70:
    • 100
    • 85-115
    • mentally retarded
  10. high IQ is connected to :
    intergenerational households
  11. he was involved with the stanford-benit scale
    lewis terman
  12. what damages the nervous system and lowers IQ?>
    • lead
    • (black kids have a lot of lead in their systems)
  13. if you have strong academic skills then:
    if you have poor academic skills then:
    • more realistic about abilities
    • you are bilssfully ignorant
  14. howard gardner
    • 1992. multiple intelligence theory
    • linguistic,logical&spatial,musical,bodily-kinesthestic,intrapersonal,interpersonal, naturalist
  15. daniel goleman
    • emotional intelligence
    • relates to intra/inter-personal skills needed for success in life
  16. L.L thurstone
    • 7 main mental abilities in IQ
    • verbal comprehension, memory, reasoning
  17. JP Guilford
    over 100 mental abilities
  18. intellectual success depends on :
    and affected by:
    • motivation and attitude
    • parental standards
  19. nonhuman animals have greater cognitive abilities that previously thought
    cognitive ethology
  20. IQ has been steadily increasing throughout each generation
    flynn effect
  21. african americans:
    score 10-15 points lower as a group
  22. early intervention programs high IQ scores:
    gains are limites and have a short duration
  23. malnurished kids:
    have 20 points lower IQ
  24. within any one group there will be ____ diversity than between two groups.
  25. mental activity involved in understanding , processing, and communicating information
  26. think of similar examples that guide reasoning
    availability heuristic
  27. judging based on prototypes
    representative heuristic
  28. tendency to fall into established patterns
  29. how the problem is presented
  30. problem is solved by one answer
  31. there are many solutions (brainstorming)
  32. the tendency to think of things in terms of their usual functions that impede problem solving
    functional fixedness
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