ENGLISH MIDTERM = elizabethan

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  1. st. pauls?
  2. spanish armada?
    defeated by elizabeth I
  3. sir walter raleigh?
    elizabeth I right hand man
  4. tower of london?
    houses the crown jewels
  5. allington castle?
    sir thomas wyatt's
  6. virginia?
    named after elizabeth I
  7. amoretti
    written by spenser
  8. my lute awake
    written by sir thomas wyatt
  9. italy
    where the sonnet came from
  10. traitor's gate?
    in tower of london where prisoners went through
  11. Lady Jane Grey?
    was quen for 9 days, but mary's forces killed her
  12. church of england?
  13. government of london?
    run by the council of alderman and the lord mayor
  14. henry 7th?
    1st king in elizabethan period
  15. henrgy 8th?
    created his own church of england
  16. edward 6th?
    became king at 9, died at 15
  17. mary?
    was catholic and wanted everyone to be catholic
  18. elizabeth I?
    virgin queen because she never married
  19. elizabethan sonnet?
    • 3 quatraines and a couplet
    • rhymes scheme: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
  20. petrachan sonnet?
    • an octet and a sestet
    • rhyme scheme: ABBA ABBA CDE CDE
  21. How do the poems, the passionate shep to his love and the nymphs reply, exemplify the idealistic and realistic side of life?
    In the pass shep, the speaker talks about how he will give her all of these things, even those that arent practical. Then in the nymphs reply, she responds and says how those things most likely wont happen
  22. What do you gain about elizabeth's personality through her poetry?
    you can tell she hid her emotions in front of people so they wouldnt think that she was weak
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