Spanish II

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  1. Parque de atracciones
  2. Zoologico
  3. Lago
  4. Museo
  5. Acuario
  6. Ciudad
  7. Fiesta de cumpleanos
  8. Fiesta de sorpresa
  9. Fiesta de aniversario
  10. Fiesta de graduacion
  11. Campo
  12. Circo
  13. Teatro
  14. Obra
  15. How to answer the phone.
    • Alo
    • Bueno
    • Hola
    • Diga
    • Digame
  16. To ask who is calling.
    • De porte de quien?
    • Quien habla?
  17. To state who is calling.
    • Soy yo_____
    • De parte de_______
  18. To ask for someone.
    Esta_____, por favor?
  19. To state someone isn't there.
    Pero_____no esta.
  20. To say the line is busy.
    Linea esta ocupada.
  21. To ask to leave a message.
    Puedo dajar un recado?
  22. State you'll call later.
    Llamo mas tarde.
  23. Te gustaria.....?
    Would you like.....?
  24. Quieres...?
    Do you want to....?
  25. Te invito
    It's my treat.
  26. Claro que si!
    Of course!
  27. Lo siento
    I'm sorry.
  28. Que lastima!
    What a shame!
  29. Tal vez otro dia.
    Perhaps another day.
  30. Empezar
    To begin

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Spanish II
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