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    • Solar System
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  1. Earth's Orbit
    The earth's path around the sun.
  2. Axis
    The imaginary line through the center of the earth that goes from north pole to the south pole.
  3. Hemisphere
    Imaginary half of the earth. Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere
  4. Equator
    An imaginary line around the middle of the earth.
  5. Imaginary
    Not Real
  6. Cells
    The smallest units of life, from which all living things are made.
  7. Fossils
    Hardened remains of an animal or plant preserved in rock.
  8. Evolution
    Animals and plants change to survive.
  9. Dinosaurs
    The biggest animals that ever lived. They were reptiles with scaly skin.
  10. Preserve
    To protect, to keep safe, to maintain
  11. Disappear
    Gone from sight.
  12. Earth's Crust
    The Earth's outer shell.
  13. Earth's Plates
    Plates above molten rock and below land.
  14. Continents
    Pieces of land above floating plates.
  15. Past
    Something that happened before now.
  16. Future
    Something thats going to happen.
  17. Fossil Fuels
    Oil, Gas, and coal are fossil fuels.
  18. Pressure
    A great force upon a surface.
  19. Active Volcanoes
    Volcanoes that might erupt.
  20. Richter Scale
    Used to measure earthquakes.
  21. Severe
    Harsh or extreme.
  22. Lake
    Large area of water that has collected in a valley.
  23. Waterfall
    Occurs when a hard band of rock crosses under a river.
  24. Hollow
    Empty inside, not solid.
  25. Temporary
    Lasting for a short while, not permanent.
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