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  1. bisutería
    1. Imitation jewelery, trinkets.
  2. diligencia
    1. speed (prontitud)actuar con diligencia -> to act speedily 2. (trámite, gestión)diligencias -> formalities, official paperwork 3. stagecoach (vehículo)4. (law)diligencias -> proceedings instruir diligencias -> to start proceedings
  3. malsano, -a
    1. Unhealthy (clima, atmósfera), sickly, infirm.2. Unwholesome, insalubrious, injurious to health.
  4. ancha
    1. Broad, large.Ponerse muy ancho -> (Met.) to look big; to be elated with prideVida ancha -> a loose lifeRecorrer un país a lo ancho y a lo largo -> to cross and recross a country2. (fig.) Liberal, broad-minded; fast (vida); ancho de conciencia, not overscrupulous.Quedarse tan ancho -> to go on as if nothing had happened3. Estar a sus anchas, to be at one’s ease, to be comfortable. Hablar a sus anchas, to talk at one's ease.
  5. magulladura
    1. Bruise, contusion; an injury with something blunt and heavy. (f)
  6. tenaz
    1. Tenacious, sticking.2. Firm, stubborn, obstinate, persevering (persona).3. Avaricious, covetous.4. Hard to remove, (mancha).
  7. desmoronar
    • transitive verb1. to cause to crumble (edificio, roca)desmoronarse pronomial verb1. to crumble, to fall to pieces (edificio, roca, ideales)2. to go to pieces (persona); to fall apart (imperio)
    • 1. To destroy little by little, to ruin by insensible degrees.2. To cause to dwindle or moulder off. (Metaphorical)verb reflexive3. To moulder, to fall, to decay.
  8. palpar
    transitive verb1. to feel, to touch (tocar); to palpate (medicine)2. to feel (percibir)intransitive verb3. to feel around
  9. mezquino, -a
    • 1. mean
    • 1. Poor, indigent, penurious; diminutive.2. Avaricious, covetous, mean (tacaño), paltry; miserable (cualidad), lean.3. Petty, minute, puny.
    • noun4. Mean person (avaro); petty individual (miserable). (m)5. Wart (verruga). (Andes & Central America & Mexico) (m)
  10. morcilla
    1. black pudding (cooking) (British), blood sausage (United States)¡que te/os den morcilla! (informal) -> you can stuff it, then! (peninsular Spanish)
  11. imposibilitado, -a
    • 1. disabled estar imposibilitado, -a para hacer algo -> to be unable to do something
    • 1. Past participle of IMPOSIBILITAR.2. Helpless, without means, poor.3. Disabled, weakened, unfit for service.Estar imposibilitado para -> to be unable to
  12. cauce
    1. channel (agriculture) (& figurative)2. river-bed (de río)volver a su cauce -> to return to normal
  13. azorado, -a
    1. embarrassed, flustered
  14. alimaña
    • 1. pest (animal)
    • 1. Animal which destroys game, as the fox, etc. (f)
  15. reparo
    1. objection (objeción)poner reparos a algo -> to raise objections to something 2. (apuro)con reparos -> with hesitation o reservations me da reparo -> I feel awkward about it no tener reparos en hacer algo -> to have no qualms o scruples about doing something sin reparos -> without reservation, with no holds barred
  16. anatema
    • 1. curse, anathema (religion); curse (figurative)
    • 1. Anathema, excommunication. (m & f)2. A person anathematized or excommunicated. (Obsolete) (m & f)
  17. concienzudo, -a
    1. Conscientious, scrupulous, exactly just: applied generally to a person too scrupulous.
  18. atrabiliario
    • 1. foul-tempered, bilious
    • 1. Bad-tempered, difficult, moody.
  19. servicial
    1. attentive, helpful
  20. cutis
    1. skin, complexion
  21. plañidera
    1. Mourner woman paid for weeping at funerals. (f)
  22. almidonado, -a
    • adjective1. starched
    • masculine noun2. starching
  23. cofrecico, illo, ito
    1. A small trunk. (m)
  24. parapetarse
    1. to take refuge (también figurative)(tras behind)
  25. trinchera
    1. trench (military)
  26. muérdago
    1. mistletoe
  27. atener
    1. To walk at the same pace with another. (Obsolete) (n)2. To guard, to observe. (n)verb reflexive3. To stick or adhere to one for greater security.Atenerse a alguna cosa -> to abide4. To rely on.No saber a qué atenerse -> not to know what to expectAtenerse a las consecuencias -> to bear the consequences in mind
  28. rasgo
    • 1. trait, characteristic (característica) ; feature (del rostro)
    • 2. act (acto elogiable)
    • 3. flourish, stroke (trazo)
    • 4. (expresiones) a grandes rasgos -> in general terms explicar algo a grandes rasgos -> to outline something
  29. antro
    • 1. dive, dump (informal Pey)un antro de depravación -> a den of iniquity
    • 1. (Poetic.) Cavern, den, grotto. (m)2. Antrum, a cavity in bone. (Medical) (m)
  30. rehuir
    • 1. to avoid
    • 1. To withdraw, to retire. (n)2. To return to the place where it was roused. (n)3. To reject, to condemn. (n)verb transitive4. To deny or reduce.
  31. ademán
    • 1. gesture (gesto) (con las manos); face, expression (con la cara)hizo ademán de decir algo/huir -> he made as if to say something/run away
    • 1. A gesture, by which approbation or dislike is expressed; look, manner. (m)2. Attitude. (Art) (m)En ademán -> in the attitude or posture of performing something
  32. escarcha
    • 1. frost
    • 1. Hoar frost, rime. (f)2. The frozen watery vapors observable on windows and other articles of glass; frost work. (f)
  33. azar
    • 1. chance, fate al azar -> at random por (puro) azar -> by (pure) chance
    • 1. Unforeseen disaster, an unexpected accident, disappointment. (m)2. Unfortunate card or throw a dice. (m)3. Obstruction, impediment. (m)4. Hazard. (m)Los azares de la vida -> life’s ups and downs
  34. lúgubre
    1. gloomy, mournful
  35. despojar
    1. To despoil or strip one of his property.2. To deprive of, to cut off from, judicially.3. To dismiss, to turn out of a place or employment.verb reflexive4. To undress.5. To relinquish, to forsake.
  36. prójimo
    1. Fellow creature (semejante); neighbor (vecino). (m)No tener prójimo -> to be unfeeling or cruel, to be hard-hearted
  37. bermejo, -a
    1. reddish
  38. irascibilidad
    • irascibility
    • 1. Prone to outbursts of temper; easily angered.
    • 2. Characterized by or resulting from anger.
    • 1. easily provoked to anger; very irritable: an irascible old man. 2. characterized or produced by anger: an irascible response.
  39. grog
    • 1. grog (m) ponche (m) (familiar) (drink)
    • 1. Grog, mezcla de aguardiente con agua.
  40. humeante
    1. smoking (que echa humo); steaming (que echa vapor)
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