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  1. What are the 4 parts of your voice
    • Rate
    • Volume
    • Foce
    • Pitch
  2. How do you manage anxiety
    5 ways
    • Remember audience is your friend
    • Breathe
    • Memorize important parts of speech
    • Positive self talk
    • Check appearance
  3. What is a feature
    It is what makes a product great
  4. What is a benefit
    It is how the product is beneficial to a customer
  5. What is the loss per 100 ft @ 55MHz
  6. What is the loss per 100 ft @ 550MHz
  7. What is the insertion loss for 26 port tap
    .3 dB
  8. What is the insertion loss for 23 port tap
    .6 dB
  9. What is the insertion loss for 20 port tap
    .9 dB
  10. What is the insertion loss for 17 port tap
    1 dB
  11. What is the insertion loss for 14 port tap
    1.3 dB
  12. What is the insertion loss for 11 port tap
    3.5 dB
  13. What is the insertion loss for 8 port tap
    none...because it is an end of the line tap
  14. What is the assume loss between taps on feeder cable
    .5 dB
  15. What is CLI
    A figure of merit derived mathematically from the number and severity of leaks in a cable system
  16. What is a figure of merit derived mathematically from the number and severity of leaks in a cable system
  17. Whats the most common cause of signal leakage
    Poorly install F connectors
  18. What are unwanted signals that enter into a network can create
    Beat patterns
  19. What forms diagonal lines on the screen
    Ham and other broadcast AM carriers
  20. What modulations can cause lines to appear to move
    FM radio interference
  21. What causes ghost
    Off Air frequencies that come into the line
  22. Following Ghost
    Appear to the left of the picture

    Caused by a reflection on the cable system caused by poor return loss at the reflecting device and poor directivity at the the tap or device feeding the set

    Caused by a reflected signal arriving at the headend recieving antenna AFTER the desired signal
  23. Leading Ghost
    Appear to the right of the picture

    When ingress allows a local broadcast enter ALONG with the channel supplied by the network
  24. Co Channel Interference
    2 or more different tv stations are recieved by the same antenna
  25. Zero Beat
    A method of reception using an RF current of the proper magnitude and phase relation so the recieved voltage is of the same nature as the original wave

    Frequency Offset is used when stations are too close to each other.....diagonal lines will appear if there is co channel interference....if no offset the two stations would be very close but not exactly the same frequency causing zero beat
  26. Return Path Interference
    Return direction can suffer ingress from transmitters operating in the upstream frequency bandwidth

    Items in the home can travel back through the drop and on to the headend

    • CB
    • Voice of America
    • Amateur Radios
    • Tv's
  27. Thermal Noise
    Any noise added to the line which is caused by an increase or drop in temperature. 0.17dB per 20 degrees.
  28. C/N ratio
    difference between carrier level and noise level both measured in dBmV
  29. C/N formula and rules
    C/N = L1 (NF- 59.2)
  30. Types of Distortions
    • XMOD Cross Mod - Verticle Bars
    • Discrete 2nd Order
    • Discrete 3rd Order
    • Composite 3rd Order
    • Composite Second Order
  31. XMOD
    Cross Modulation....Occurs usually from power passing chokes in passive devices....causes verticle bars on picture
  32. Discrete 2nd Order
    The sum of two carrier and their harmonics that do not cause a negative frequency
  33. Discrete 3rd Order
    The sum of three carrier and their harmonics that do not cause a negative frequency
  34. Compositie 3rd Order
    Composite Triple Beat
    Doesnt occur on ch 5 or 6

    the energy bundles the triple beats
  35. Composite Second Order
    The energy bundle of 2nd beats ...but only occurs 1.25 above the video carrier....only 30 beat may interfere in a 77 channel plan
  36. Video carrier are seperated into
    6MHz increments
  37. Foward path -
    Return Path -
    • Fo - 50MHz - 1GHz
    • travels Down
    • High

    • Re- 5MHz - 42 MHz
    • travels Upstream into system
    • Low
  38. Digital algorithm that allows you to send information by shift in 90 degree incements with 4 phases
  39. Digital scheme that allows you to send 2 pieces of information at the same time by changing phase and amplitude
  40. S/N ratio
    20 log 10 (Vs-Vn)
  41. Whats an important key about S/N and the formula
    Vs should be higher than Vn. If not the noise from active devices will interrupt with service
  42. NPR
    Noise Power Ratio
  43. What is Noise Power Ratio?
    It measures activity in unused portions of the system usually using an unscrambled signal.....using filter like white noise filter and notch filter to measure the trough that occurs when testing
  44. Measure the ratio of error power(strength) to the average power of ideal QAM signal
  45. What test is best to find out a problem that may occur before it shows up visually
  46. How often an error occurs is given amount of data
  47. FEC
    • Foward Error Correction
    • Additional bits added to correct data impairments
  48. High Pass Filter
    Passes high frequency but atteunates low (return) frequencies
  49. FDM
    The carrying of different frequencies on one cable line due to the seperation of frequencies in cable system...Frequency Division Multiplexing
  50. Noise, modem, ingress signals combining in a node to cause problems on the return (upstream) signal.
    Funneling Effect
  51. Proof of performance
    47 part 76.605...24 hour test of foward signals mandated by FCC
  52. Aluminum, contains seizures and mechanism protects electronics and prevents rf leaking in and out
  53. provides mean of physically attaching electronics to housing, also refer to as the mother board, and provides dc power to modules
  54. Seperates and combines rf and ac power
    power filter
  55. seperates and recombines foward and return, return establishes a band split
    diplex filter
  56. Attenuates foward signal to bring in spectrum of acceptable signal
    Pad (Attenuator)
  57. Compensates for unequal attenuation of different frequencies
  58. Used for low noise figure...amps the foward signal through truck and lines
    Foward Amp Module
  59. Equalizes undesired peaks and valleys within the amp
    Response EQ/ Mop Up
  60. Used to compensate for fluxuations in input signals
    Automatic Gain Control
  61. similar to AGC but maintains proper tilt due to weather
    Automatic Level and Slope
  62. used in tree and branch...recieves signal from truck and amplifies foward signal (usually with higher output than truck signal
    Bridger Amp
  63. Boost return usually 20dB and usually built with return equalizer
    Return Amp
  64. Used to fix reverse tilt in higher tap values
  65. Used to fix reverse tilt in lower taps
    In line conditioner
  66. used to insert ac power into a network for power devices
    Power inserter
  67. The first picture in the sequence.....a single compressed pciture that contains all spatial information
    I picture
  68. calculated by comparing the previous and successive pictures and recording only the changes...based on nearest I or P pictures
    Predictive picture
  69. uses BOTH past and subsequent pictures as references to CALCULATE the compressed data
    Bi Directional Pictures
  70. a cryptographic protocol for protecting audio/video entertainmentcontent from illegal copying, intercepting and tampering
    Digital Transmission Content Protection....DTCP
  71. Prevents and Distorts copies made over an ANALOG connection between a source player and recording device
    Analog Copying and Piracy....ACP
  72. protection of content by requiring certain critera to be met before granting access to this content
    Conditional access
  73. Digital Comnpression
    works by seperating picture into two types of information...the same and one that changes
  74. Codec
    Video Codec
    Compression Decompress............

    A device or software that enables compression/decompression for digital video
  75. tapping device providing isolation between tap and output terminals
    directional coupler
  76. Channel deletion filter
    is used when one or more channels need to be deleted and new channels need to be reinserted
  77. places baseband signal onto standard rf channel carrier
    Video modulator
  78. Drop and insert
    process that diverts a portion of multiplexed aggreagte signals at an intermediate point and inserts a different signal for subsequenttransmission in the same position
  79. room that acts as the hub for various telecommunications services
    communication room
  80. used for data application
    110 block
  81. used as standard phone (nid)
    66 block
  82. go between emta and 66 block
    rj 21x jack
  83. mushroom spool
    helps avoid kinks and sharp bends...should leave 1-3 ft excess
  84. P.O.S
    baud rate of 9600 or dial 9 if problem occur...uses internal modem to transmit sales via phone
  85. muliple buttons are needed to access different stations...usually need to push a number or pulse to use outside line
    Key/PBX telepone station
  86. Base band signal onto key pbx systems
    Music/message on hold device
  87. telementry wiring
    • White
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Green

    • Black
    • red
  88. Battery Pack
    • 48 VDC
    • 50 Watt
  89. Minimum point of Entry
    Commercial Demarcation Point

    For video it is ground block or tap in communication room

    For HSD it is the ethernet port on comcast owned equipmet or rf barrel on customer owned modem

    • For BCV is left side of the 66 block
    • or rj21x
  90. acts as focal point that connects multiple computer to 1 lan
  91. a managed hard drive connected by the LAN that can be accessible by anyone on the internet as defined by a company's administrator
  92. connects building data wiring to ethernet switch
    network patch bay
  93. Less interference and certified for data applications
    110 punch down block
  94. A network begans with this
    Access Point
  95. Network Speed
    How quickly computers on a netwokr can communicate and share information
  96. Optimum Wireless
    • - place router in family room or office
    • - wireless card antenna point to wirless router
    • - DONT put router near outside wall
    • - If using laptop outside put router near a window
  97. 802.11a
    • different frequency 5.0
    • low range 25-75 ft
    • same speed as g standard 54mbps
  98. 802.11b
    • B has lowest speed 11mbps
    • same range 100-150 ft
    • all have same frequency 2.4Ghz

    • N has fastest speed 100Mbps or faster
    • N has largest range 160ft

    *All backwards compatible....n works with g....g works with b
  99. Parts of a virus
    • Replicate - copies itself onto programs
    • Event watching - Checks for certain triggering conditions
    • Camouflage - Disguise themselves to avoid detection
    • Delivery - When triggering condition are met it delivers the payload
  100. Types of viruses
    • Email - in email or attachment
    • Executable (exe) - runs with other programs
    • Worm - small software that finds security holes
    • Trojan Horses - Claims to be one thing but is really another
  101. Heuristic Detectors
    look for sections of code triggered by time or date events, routines to search for files such as .com, .exe, .bat, and vbs: as well as, disk writes that bypass the operating systems
  102. look for sections of code triggered by time or date events, routines to search for files such as .com, .exe, .bat, and vbs: as well as,disk writes that bypass the operating systems
    heuristic detectors
  103. what is the first thing you do in a cdv trouble call
    unplug the phone line from the emta
  104. program on hard drive that sends info about you and how you use your pc to marketers
  105. displays advertising for products that it think you may be interested in buying based on your browsing
  106. unsolicited bulk email
  107. SMPT 550
    email address is not a vaild one
  108. Hackers
    people who r able to exploit a system or cain unauthorized access
  109. What is the best way to prevent a hacker from access a customers system?
    A firewall. A hardware or software.....a router is an example of a hardware firewall
  110. a range of malicious software....usually changes browser settings like the home page
  111. A hardware of software placed between the customers PC and internet
  112. Firewall rules
    • Packet Filtering - examines each packet and its ORIGIN
    • Proxy- examines all data based on FILTERING RULES
    • Stateful inspection - compares KEY PARTS of the packet to a safe database
  113. examines each packet and its ORIGIN
    Packet Filtering
  114. examines all data based on FILTERING RULES
  115. compares KEY PARTS of the packet to a safe database
    Stateful inspection
  116. Blue screen errors tha desplay the words Memory Dump along with a cryptic set of hexadecimal address....This error is indicitive of a major problem with the operating system and the best solution is to reinstall windows
    Memory Dump
  117. indicates a problem with a device or driver. This is the XP version of the BSOD. The error message usually appear at start up and can have numerous causes
    Stop error
  118. HTTP port
    25 and 80
  119. what is FTP
    • port 21
    • file transfer protocol
    • protocol used for transferring files
  120. What is a portion of a network that shares a common address component / all devices whose ip addresses have the same prefix
  121. What is a signal splitting device that plugs into a trunk/bridger chassis (used at output of bridger module)
  122. What is an Internet access gateway server for guests, found between the modem and the router and the rest of the network
    IP3net aceess server
  123. What allows a group of phone stations to access a common set of telephone lines
    key system
  124. What is used where cable doesn't quite reach- to extend distances- to extend the reach of cable I in a ped
    extension fittings
  125. What converts ethernet back to coaxial signal
    mega port gateway (connects with IP3 server)
  126. What is a high speed line or series of connections that form a major pathway within a network ?
  127. What forwards requests for a particular ip port pair to another ip port pair (commonly used on publicly connected hosts to make an internal service available to a larger network)
    PAT - port address ranslation
  128. What does the green wire mean in telemetry
  129. System noise , CSO , CTB , distortion due to lasers, clipping modulator problems is caused by what
    Non-tranisent (not short)(long period of time) ingress
  130. pop3
    port 110
  131. deny aim access
    port 5190
  132. ping
    ping website
  133. EOL
    end of life
  134. types of IP's in subnetworks
    • network
    • routable
    • gateway
    • broadcast
  135. Symmentry Advantage
    equal upspeed and downspeed
  136. TFTP
    Trivial File tranfer protocol
  137. protocol used to assign IP's
    RIP- routing information protocol
  138. Static Routes
    allows devices routed by comcast business gateway to communicate with the seperate subnet of a router connected to a lan
  139. Firewall option
    only disable firewall function on the gateway at customers request when customer has there own equipment
  140. Port Fowarding
    Allow you to DIRECT INBOUND traffic to connect to a specific apllication or computer within a lan

    INBOUND rule lets you open a window so that traffic can be direct to your computer based on the port number
  141. Port Triggering
    Provides the ability to dynamically open a specific INBOUND PORT based on REQUEST FROM a local computer or user

    similar to fowarding that it Opens a window for traffic to enter BUT when the traffic stops the window closes
  142. HTTPS
    Port 443
  143. True Static IP port Management
    OPEN and CLOSE specific INBOUND ports to connected computers or firewalls configured with a public routable IP address (for use by static IP customers only)

    COMPLETELY blocks all ports except some or completely open all ports except some
  144. Port Blocking
    Enables you to restrict specific local hosts from accessing particular Intrnet application by IP address and logical port.

    ex...You can use 5190 to block aim access
  145. Website blockinh
    set up rules to block certain internet based content. Listed by website or keywords
  146. DMZ
    Allows one IP address or computer to be placed between the firewall and the internet....removing the protecting of the firewall.....Risky but allows open access to internet
  147. MAC
    Media Access Control

    a unique number that is assign by manufacture to any network device which allows the network to identify it.
  148. Ports
    65535 are available

    • 1- 1023 are well known ports
    • 1024 - 49151 - registered ports
    • 49152 - 65535 - dynamic and/or privite ports
  149. Tracert IP
    how to do a traceroute

    used for tracing how many hops it takes to go from one computer to a website
  150. locates and translates domain names
  151. A group of computer geographically far but are connected
    Wide Area Network WAN
  152. A groupe of computer geographically close connected to ONE NETWORK using the same communication device....A home to a office of many computers
  153. A technique in which several computers share a SINGLE IP fo access to the internet
    Network Address Translation
  154. a secure connection to an organization's private network using the public internet
    Virtual Private Network VPN
  155. Subnetworks (Subnetting)
    concept of partitioning large networks into smaller segments
  156. Subnet Addresses
    • example : {150.215}. {017.009}
    • 150.215 defines network
    • 017.009 defines the device or host

    for easier internet travel
  157. /30
    1 routable IP

    subnet mask will be
  158. /29
    5 routable IPs

    subnet mask will be
  159. /28
    13 routable IP's

    subnet masks will be
  160. AC fail
  161. Battery Missing
  162. Battery Low
  163. Rplace Battery
  164. Flashing lights
    foreign voltage
  165. light flashing slowly
    line card error
  166. Data lines should only be used for ?
  167. Call Hold
  168. Group Make busy
    • *232
    • *233 deactivate
  169. Call foward Selective
    • *63
    • *83 deactivate
  170. Call fowarding variable
    • *72
    • *73 deavtivate
  171. Cancel call waiting
  172. Call screen
    • *60
    • *80 deactivate
  173. Call Block
  174. Call rejection
    • *77
    • *87 deactivate
  175. speed dial 8
  176. speed dial 30
  177. Do not disturb
    • *230
    • *231 deactivate
  178. NGT
    New Global Telecom (outsourced vendor)

    • used to pre provision phone number
    • used for post provision of features to phone
  179. ATS
    Advanced Technical Services
  180. TTS
    Trouble Ticket System
  181. What callng feature allows different phone numbers to reach the same phone line with different ring patterns
    Distinctive ring

    deactivate *81
  182. A customer is responsible for placing their own Ad in the yellow pages
  183. Customers can automatically distribute incoming calls to two or more extentions using what calling feature

    A) call fowarding
    B) remote activation
    C) call screening
    D) hunt groups
    D) hunt groups
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  184. Direct call pick up
    • *97
    • allows cutomers to pick up or barge in on a call to another co worker using a feature access code
  185. LPSU
    • Local Power Supply Unit
    • 48V black and red
    • 50-60 watts
  186. Required tools for punch down kit
    • #2 phillips screwdriver
    • 66 punch down tool
    • wire cutters
  187. Parked call
    • *68
    • *88 retrive parked call
  188. Voicemail
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