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  1. What is based around a central directory database containing information about all the domain controllers in the network?
    Active Directory
  2. What is a group of users servers and other resources that share a centralized database of account and security information?
  3. Where does a copy of the active directory database reside?
    Domain Controllers
  4. What kind of server contains the master listing of all active directory objects in the forest?
    Global catalog
  5. What is a set of rules that can be set to affect active directory leaf objects to control what can be done by a user?
    Group policy objects
  6. Which type of interface is friendlier for the average user to use?
    GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  7. Which of the following is not one of the elements that most graphical user interfaces are composed of?
  8. Sitting at a computer and loading a software patch onto it is an example of what type of software patch?
  9. Which type of patch would utilize a remote installation services (RIS)?
  10. Which components of domain name service (DNS) contain a database of associated names and IP addresses?
    Name Servers
  11. Which query is made by one name server to another name server?
    non-recursive query
  12. Which software program manages an IP address allocation for a network?
    DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
  13. The group of IP addresses that a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server manages is known as a
  14. What is the minimum number of scopes a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server can have?
  15. According to Air Force dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) policies
    how long is the lease that a noncritical workstation will have applied to them?
  16. What type of service allows network administrators to install upgrades on any number of client computers at one time from a centralized location?
    Remote installation servies (RIS)
  17. Which is not a component of Internet information services (IIS)?
    SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  18. What component of windows unifies and simplifies day to day system management tasks?
    MMC (Microsoft Management Console
  19. Which type of group manages users rights assignments and access permissions?
  20. Which special identity can represent users currently logged on to a particular computer and accessing a given resource located on that computer?
  21. What defines the rules by which operations can be performed on a particular resource?
  22. A feature of networking that enables individuals to designate resources they want other users to be able to access through the network is called
  23. What permission always overrides all other permissions assigned to a user or group to which the user belongs?
    No Access
  24. When a new folder or file is created on a new technology file system (NTFS) partition what permissions are automatically assigned?
    Inherited permissions of the folder it's contained in.
  25. Which exchange service is the first service launched when Microsoft Exchange starts and the last to stop when it is shut down?
    System Attendant
  26. In Exchange System Manager
    which container holds configuration objects such as Queues Mailbox stores and Public Folder stores and protocols information?
  27. Which type of lists uses pointers to connect each element together?
  28. A set of data elements (values) organized using a model of horizontal rows and vertical columns whose data is calculated in response to a query is called a
  29. What is the most common type of operation in sequential query language (SQL)?
  30. What type of sequential query language (SQL) statement would you use to make the changes you were working on permanent?
  31. Which is the most commonly used sequential query language (SQL) data statement?
  32. Which sequential query language (SQL) server feature tracks changes and is used to ensure data integrity?
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