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  1. Regardeless of rank an OIC punishment power is equivelant to that of?
    CO in grades O1-03
  2. List the chain of who hast greatest punishment powers in NJP
    • 1.OEGCMJS(flag off, general off
    • 2. CO's (04-06)
    • 3. 0-1 0-3
  3. Reduction in rate is not imposed on?
    • Navy E-7 and above
    • Marine E-6
  4. Extra duties due to NJP should not extend beyond___per day
    2 hours
  5. A case is not considered an NJP if?
    dismissed, whether w/ or w/o warning
  6. If POD is distributed to other than military pers. NJP results may be published w/o____
    name of accused
  7. You may publish ____ of the offender in POD following mast.
    Publish not later than____after imposition.
    • -name,rate,offense(s) + disposition
    • -1 month
  8. A member, if not attached to a vessel may refuse NJP and demand court martial any time before?
    Imposition of punishment by CO
  9. What is the job of the preliminary investigation officer (PIO)?
    Collect all available Facts about the offense itself and about background of the accused.
  10. When listing witnesses on a report chit, How should they be listed?
    List military in order of seniority, followed by civilian witnesses.
  11. Report Chits become permenant records of the case in the?
    Unit Punishment Book
  12. Report and Disposition of Offenses form number?
    Navpers 1626/7
  13. Who is responsible for maintaining law and order in areas not under military control?
    Civil Authority
  14. What is SCM and what is the maximum punishment for it?
    • -Summary Court Martial
    • -30 days confinement
  15. There is no power for an CO or OIC to impose NJP on?
    A civilian
  16. An accused may demand trial by court martial in lieu of NJP except for a person_____?
    Attached to are embarked on a vessel
  17. What is the time frame to impose NJP after offense occured?
    within 2 years
  18. Are reservist on active duty for training and under some circumstances inactive duty for training subject to imposition of NJP?
  19. who is authorized to impose NJP under article 15, UCMJ?
    CO, OIC, or by certain officers to whom power has been delegated by the SECNAV
  20. mast is used to describe what three different types of proceedings?
    • -request mast/ hearing before CO
    • -meritorious mast/ commending member
    • -disciplinary mast/ minor offenses allegedly comitted by member
  21. what is the MCM?
    Manual for court martial
  22. what is the ucmj?
    uniform code of military justice
  23. in what part of the mcm is the punitive articles?
    part IV (4)
  24. what is the jagman?
    manual of judge advocate general
  25. what is NJP?
    non judicial punishment
  26. A CO or OIC attached to a ship for duty refrain from imposing NJP and ______?
    Refer all such matters to the CO of the ship for disposition

    *CO of ship may permit NJP authority through attached CO or OIC
  27. What is diminished rations?
    a restricted diet of 2,100 calories.
  28. confinement on bread and water can only be awarded to who?
    E3 and below if they are attached or embarked in a vessel
  29. -a CO may impose NJP on ______ in His or her command.

    -an OIC may impose NJP only on _____ assigned to _______?
    -all military personnel

    -enlisted members at the unit he or she is in charged of
  30. TEMADD personnel may be punished by who?
    CO of the unit they are TEMADD to or by the CO of there permenant duty station.

    *both CO's cannot punish individual under the article 15 for the same offense.
  31. Why are there no general restrictions to exercise NJP by Navy Commanders over marine corps personnel and vice versa as there is over other military services?
    because the marine corps is part of teh dept of the navy
  32. if the navy co is in the position to execercise njp jurisdiction on army or air force personnel assigned or attached to naval command, what policy is used?
    return personnel to their parent service unit for discipline

    *if this is impractable and the need to discipline is urgent, njp may be imposed.
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