ATC Phraseology

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  1. TWR
  2. TWR
    airport control tower
  3. AGL
    above ground level
  4. ARR
  5. AARTE
    airport acceptance rate
  6. ATIS
    automatic terminal information service
  7. ARTCC
    air traffic control center
  8. APCH
  9. APREQ
    app request
  10. RNAV
    area navigation
  11. ASOS
    automated surface observing service
  12. AWOS
    automated weather observing / reporting system
  13. METAR
    aviation routine weather report
  14. DBRITE
    digital bright radar indicator tower equipment
  15. CIC
    controller in charge
  16. DEP
  17. DOT
    department of transportation
  18. DME
    distance measureing equipment
  19. EFC
    expect further clearance
  20. ELT
    emergency locator transmitter
  21. EMERG
  22. EQUIP
  23. ETA
    estamated time of arrivial
  24. FAA
    federal aviation administration
  25. FDEP
    flight data entry and printout
  26. FRC
    full route clearance
  27. FREQ
  28. FSS
    flight service station
  29. GA
    general aviation
  30. GC
    ground cvontrol
  31. GPS
    global positioning system
  32. GOVT
  33. GENOT
    general notice
  34. ICAO
    international civil aviation organization
  35. IDENT
  36. IFR
    instruament flight rules
  37. ILS
    instrument landing system
  38. KHZ
  39. LC
    local control
  40. LT
    left turn
  41. M
    mach number
  42. MHZ
  43. MIT
    miles in trail
  44. MARSA
    military assumes responsability for seperation of aircraft
  45. MOCA
    minnimum obstruction clearance altitude
  46. MVA
    minimum vector altitude
  47. MIA
    minimum IFR altitude
  48. NASA
    national aeronautics and space administration
  49. NATCA
    national air traffic controllers association
  50. MSL
    mean sea level
  51. NDB
    non directional radio beacon
  52. NOTAM
    notice to airmen
  53. NORDO
    no radio
  54. NM
    nautical mile
  55. NWS
    national weather service
  56. OJT
    on the job trainning
  57. OTP
    on top
  58. PIREP
    pilot weather report
  59. RADAR
    radio ranging and detection
  60. RAPCON
    radar approach control
  61. RWY
  62. RVR
    runway visual range
  63. RT
    right turn
  64. RTE
  65. SIGMET
    signifigant meteorological information
  66. SVFR
    special VFR
  67. TACAN
    tactical air navigation aid
  68. TCAS
    traftfic allert and collision avoidance system
  69. TRACAB
    terminal radar approah control in tower cab
  70. TRACON
    terminal radar approach control facility
  71. UHF
    ultra high frequency
  72. VFR
    visual flight rules
  73. VHF
    verry high frequency
  74. VA
    visual approach
  75. VOR
    vhf omnidirectional radio range
  76. VORTAC
    VOR and TACAN collocated
  77. WILCO
    will comply
  78. WX
  79. Z
    Greenwich mean time
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