English Voci 8

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  1. We sent the design to the planning department for (Zustimmung).
  2. These rumours (aufkommen) intense interest
    among investors.
    have aroused
  3. You need to be more (durchsetzungsfähig) to succeed in business.
  4. You have to (zusammenbauen) the shelves yourself.
  5. When he asked me her name, my mind just (war leer).
    went blank
  6. It’s always been his ambition to (Fuss fassen) broadcasting.
    break into
  7. I don’t want to (aufbauen, fördern) her hopes if he’s not coming back.
    build up
  8. Let’s not (sich hinreissen lassen)
    get carried away
  9. She (hier: als etw. erscheinen, herüberkommen) as very self-confident
    come across
  10. The factory is (hat gute Aussichten) of winning a major order.
    in with a good chance
  11. We’ve made a (Zusage) to help, and we will.
  12. eine Verbindung herstellen
    establish connection
  13. It will be difficult to reach any sort of (Übereinstimmung) on this issue.
  14. Does the device (entsprechen, etw.einhalten) EU safety regulations?
    comply with
  15. At a (zurückhaltend) estimate, 2.5 million people die each year from smoking.
  16. We are fortunate to have such a highly skilled and (engagiert) workforce.
  17. The (gemeinsamer Nenner) in all his novels is the use of the supernatural.
    common denominator
  18. I find it too (ablenkend) to work with the television on.
  19. The machine (ausgeben) free hot drinks.
  20. skandalös, erbärmlich, beschämend
  21. We had to completely (zerlegen, auseinandernehmen) the engine to find the fault.
  22. New funding has enabled the hospital to purchase (auf dem neusten Stand) technology.
  23. We need to put more money into development if we want to (Vorsprung, Wettbewerbsvorteil wahren)
    stay ahead of the field
  24. My family and friends all had a good laugh (auf meine Kosten).
    at my expense
  25. She gave an (wortgewandt) speech on self-awareness.
  26. The latest model has a lot of new safety (Merkmale).
  27. Erwartungen treffen
    meet my expectations
  28. The plan to put rents up has not ( bei jem. gut ankommen)
    go down well
  29. Rosenthal will need (grünes Licht bekommen) from his doctor to resume training.
    the go-ahead
  30. It’s not a real education policy, it’s just a (origineller Einfall) to win votes.
  31. Marktlücke
    a gap in the market
  32. sich dem Trend anpassen
    go with the flow
  33. Intrapreneurs are the (zupackende) managers who make a new idea happen.
  34. The minister found himself in the middle of a
    (feindlich) crowd.
  35. Foreigners were (von diesem Zeitpunkt an) to be encouraged to come and live in Spain.
  36. einzigartige Gelegenheit
    golden oppurtunity
  37. I don’t really (auf etw. stehen) horror films.
    go for
  38. We need to consider the financial (Kosequenz) of these changes.
  39. Die Beine werden zu Wackelpudding
    legs turning to jelly
  40. She may have to meet any costs (verursachen) as a result of the delay.
  41. I’ve been asked to resubmit the application,
    (einzel aufführen) all the changes which are to be made.
  42. Discussion of a client’s tax affairs will (führen zu) consideration of investment options.
    lead into
  43. (Tu mich eintragen) in for lunch on Friday.
    Pencil me
  44. This is one of the last cultures in the world that television (nicht in etw. vordringen).
    has not penetrated
  45. The document (darstellen) our company’s recycling policy.
  46. All major (Hindernisse) to peace have now been removed.
  47. Her comments are (bloss, nur) opinion, not fact.
  48. He (auf- und abgehen) between the kitchen and the living-room.
    pace up and down
  49. We (stolz sein auf etwas) the quality and
    thoroughness of our work.
    pride ourselves on something
  50. She only had ten minutes to make her (Verkaufspräsentation) for the contract.
  51. He measured all the ingredients (genau, exakt).
  52. überzeugend
  53. She (beharren, bestehen) in her refusal to pay.
  54. They (nennen, zitieren) some alarming statistics about obesity
  55. We’ve booked (vorläufig) for next week.
    provisionally, tentatively
  56. in Form bleiben
    stay in shape
  57. Sitzung überziehen, dauert länger
    run over schedule
  58. It (wiederverkaufen) for around £250.
  59. Verkaufsargument
    selling point
  60. Air travel is now (in greifbarer Nähe für) many more customers.
    within the reach of something
  61. angeben
    show off
  62. We have (eine Marke erweitern) and opened a chain of nightclubs.
    stretched the brand
  63. They ran a very (raffiniert) promotion campaign, you must admit.
  64. Sie hat einige Tricks im Ärmel
    she has a few tricks up her sleeve
  65. Last month saw a (atemberaubend) 63 per cent increase in viewing figures.
  66. He just (abschalten) and ignores me.
    switch off
  67. We have a (gigantisch, gewaltig) amount of work to get through.
  68. The court ruled (einstimmig) in her favour.
  69. Sitzung beenden, zum Abschluss bringen
    wrap up this meeting
  70. He (Publikum begeistern) and other musicians with his brilliant trumpet playing.
    wowed audiences
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