PSY Chpt 2

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  1. Forebrain cosnistis of
    • Cortex
    • Limbic system
  2. Brain stem consists of
    • hindbrain
    • midbrain
  3. ForeBrain structures
    • cortex
    • limbic system
  4. Literally means "Bark" & has four lobes
  5. What lobe controlls vision?
  6. Logic, Reasoning and Motor movemont is controlled by what lobe?
    Frontal Lobe
  7. Parietal Lobe controlls what?
    • Temperature
    • Touch
    • Pressure
  8. auditory information is recived in what lobe?
  9. Partial or complete inability to articulate ideas or understand language because of brain injury or damage.
  10. Plays a role in speech production.
    -In left frontal lobe
    Broca's Area
  11. The outer covering of the brain is called what?
    The Cortex
  12. What area play a role in understanding and meaningful speech?
    Wernicke's Area
  13. what is lateralization?
    the notion that different functions are processed primarily on one side of the brain or the other.
  14. what is the split brain operation?
    a procedure to reduce recurrent seizures in severe cases of epilepsy.
  15. What is the thick band of axons that connect the two cerebra hemispheres?
    Corpus callosum
  16. what makes up the limbic system?
    • thalamus
    • hypothalamus
    • amygdala
    • hippocampus
  17. The "relay" staion
    processes most information to and from higher brain centers
    The Thalamus
  18. contains nuclei involved in a variety of behaviors
    water and salt balance
    body temperature regulation
    role in hormone secretion
    circadian rhythms
    sexual behavior
    hunger and thirst
  19. what releases horomones or releasing factors which in turn cause pituitary gland to release its hormones?
  20. Deals with Emotion
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