Recording Technology midterm review

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  1. What does the I on the Logic recording tracks stand for?
    Input monitor
  2. What does a Co-incedent mic setup look like?
    Image Upload 1
  3. What does a near co-incedent mic setup look like?
    Image Upload 2
  4. What is the proximity effect?
    The bass is boosted when close to mic - cardio mics only.
  5. What is the 3:1 rule?
    Image Upload 3
  6. What is the general human hearing range?
    20 Hz to 20,000Hz
  7. What is sample rate?
    How often the computer checks teh waveform.
  8. What is Bit depth?
    How acuratly the computer can check the waveform.
  9. Image Upload 4What do the axis on this graph refer to.
    Y axis refers to the bit depth and the x axis refers to the sample rate.
  10. What is the standard sample rate for a CD?
    44.1 kh
  11. What is the standard bit deph for a CD?
    16 bit
  12. What do distortion effects alter?
  13. What do frequency effects alter?
  14. What do pitch effect alter?
  15. Do dynamic microphones need power?
  16. Do condensor mics need power?
    yes...generaly phantom power - 48v
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