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  1. Duration Onset and Def of Pedophilia
    • Adolescence
    • Chronic
    • Reoccurant at least 6 months Sexual activity with a prepubscent child. The molester as least 16 years of age and child is at least 5 years younger
  2. Disturbances in any of the phases of the sexual response cycle

    Phase1 -desire
    Phase 2- excitement
    phase 3-orgasm
    phase 4-resolution
    Sexual Dysfunction
  3. Paraphilias
    Sexual disorders
  4. Treatment of sexual aversion disorder
    • Systematic desenitiztion
    • antidepressant medication
    • psychosexual therapy
  5. Causes of anorexia
    • genetics
    • primary hypothalamic disfunction
  6. psychopharmacology for eating disorders
    Proxac or anafranil- antidepressants or anxiety
  7. After being raped some women display symptoms such as depression, suicide, substance abuse, or even psychotic behaviors may be noted
    Compounded Rape Reaction
  8. After being raped (within a few hours) the victim expresses fellings of fear, anger, and anxiety through such behaviors as crying sobbing smilling restlessness and tension
    Expressed response pattern
  9. Within a few hours after rape, Victim may display masked feelings with a calm composed or subdued affect
    Controlled Responce Pattern
  10. After being raped, victim tells no one about the assualt, anxiety is surpressed, and the emotional burden may become overwhelming,
    Silent rape reatction
  11. A womens progressing inability to act on her own behalf. When an individual comes to understand that regardless of his or her behavior the outcome is unpredictable and usually undesirable
    Learned Helplessness
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